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Viola Davis’ Iconic Roles We Cannot Forget

Viola Davis’ Iconic Roles We Cannot Forget

Get ready fellow tributes! Viola Davis is set to play the head game maker in the Hunger Games prequel. Recently, they announced the actress will be Dr. Volumnia Gaul, a wicked game maker during the 10th hunger games. The prequel follows the story of young President Snow and his journey mentoring a tribute from district 12 (Lucy Biard).

In The Hunger Games prequel, Viola Davis is someone all fans will be looking forward to watching. We can’t deny how great Davis is making her the right choice for the role as the head game maker. Let’s look back at some of Davis’ roles that are truly unforgettable.

Here are the 3 major roles played by Viola Davis that we can’t forget.

1. Annalise Keating (How to get away with murder)

Davis played a lawyer and a law professor (Annalise Keating) in the legal drama series “How to get away with murder”. Keating was involved in a twisted murder plot with her law students that affected their lives. This exceptional role gave Davis an Emmy win bagging the Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama series’ award. Certainly, Her portrayal of Annalise Keating is truly unforgettable because she has shown what a bold female character is not just in front of her law students but also in the courtroom as she defends her clients which are tough violent criminals. 

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2. Amanda Waller (Suicide Squad)

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Viola Davis played the high-ranking government official in the fictional movie ‘Suicide Squad’ that handles metahumans and their deadly missions. The fictional character in the movie is an intimidating leader who commands people under her control and gives orders. Basically, her character is intimidating and powerful even though she doesn’t possess any superpowers.

3. General Nanisca (The Woman King)

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The much-awaited epic film ‘The Woman King’ is something we are all looking forward to witnessing as Davis portrays a brave female warrior in the movie. The actress will play General Nanisca, a strong warrior that will lead all-female Africans in fighting over Europeans invading their place. Although we have not seen this masterpiece film however we saw a glimpse of how Davis undoubtedly showed her courageous side in the film’s fight scenes. This character indeed is a great example that the actress is no stranger to portraying a female alpha in movies.

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