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Trying people’s lucks with ‘lucky scoop’ on TikTok

Trying people’s lucks with ‘lucky scoop’ on TikTok

Aside from watching entertaining and informative videos, TikTok exclusively offers a separate category where creators can also sell their products. TikTok Shop gives opportunities for small-business owners to establish their own through the platform. From handmade goods to reselling items — you name it! In fact, TikTok is a great place to start or expand your shopping spree through online live videos. Moreover, one of the purchases you can find here is the famous lucky scoop.

What’s in the ‘lucky scoop’?

Browse the TikTok live page and you will see several sellers broadcast their products with a thrill of excitement. From the name alone, it can certainly give you a hint that you need a pinch of luck to check out this trend. For instance, the seller dips in a handful of assorted items from a huge container, packaged inside a box/pouch. Without giving the buyer a full idea of the inclusions, let the magic do the work upon receiving them!

Due to its exciting element, common and affordable goods are suddenly treated with high demand. Sometimes, if you’re feeling lucky, you might even receive two times the amount you originally paid for! However, viewers seem to enjoy receiving mysterious items regardless of their value. In their eyes, they feel like a pirate captain capturing a treasure chest.

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Besides enjoyment, you can also discover the perfect gifts for your family and friends. To give you an idea, here are some goodies you can find in lucky scoop stores!


Jewelry and trinkets are shimmering accessories that definitely complement a person’s beauty. These fashionable items complete the #OOTD look that if you are fond of them, you must search your luck here! Who knows, they might have that sentimental piece ideal for you.

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Arts and Craft

To those who want to enhance their creativity, arts and craft materials are your perfect finds! Colored pencils, gel pens, paint brushes, stickers, glitter — anything for your scrapbook, journals, and even ornaments for the upcoming Christmas!

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Hair Accessories

Hair accessories come in different colors, shapes, and sizes, suitable for anyone’s preference. You might not believe it, but lucky scoop stores also offer these lovely essentials. Combs, clips, headbands, pins, ties — have fun styling your hair with these prizes!

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Crystal and Stones

Do you believe in the power of manifestation? Without a doubt, collecting crystals and stones continue to lead the wellness trends of manifesting. Apart from its aesthetic design for your room, they are said to carry spiritual and psychological benefits too. Add these to your cart in order to bring good luck and positive things in your life.

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Candies and Chocolates

Exploring your FYP is one way to discover hundreds of goodies that can satisfy your sweet tooth. They are available in a wide variety of textures and sweetness, to fill your mouth-watering senses. Upon observation, this is also the type of lucky scoop merchandise that is the most popular with the audience. I mean… everyone deserves a break and indulges in the sugar rush every once in a while, right?

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In addition, knick-knacks and small items like skin care products, toys, vouchers, etc. can also be caught. Still, manage your expectations as lucky scoops often offer cheap merchandise, that fits the criteria of its price.

A matter between luck and mystery

Perhaps one of the main reasons why lucky scoops are currently hyped is because you get the feeling of anticipation. Simply not because of the goods themselves, but because of its mystery factor. Realistically speaking, you can just purchase a specific item that is guaranteed to receive if that is your objective.

But that is not the case for these lucky scoop enthusiasts. Since they must be having the time of their lives from the surprises, and maybe, you will too!

If reading this article piques your curiosity about lucky scoops, what are you waiting for? Head now to your TikTok app and search for the hidden gems out there!

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