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TikTok Content: Lottie Bie’s Alternate Reality Problems

TikTok Content: Lottie Bie’s Alternate Reality Problems

People tend to avoid problems as they find these things complicated. It causes irritability or anger, and in more serious cases, stress. However, what if the problems you are trying to avoid become the ones you wish to have instead?

TikTok Celebrity, Lottie Bie, has provided videos on her TikTok Account where we can imagine having the problems we always wanted. Just like having a lot of money and not knowing where to spend it anymore. SANA ALL! Sounds interesting, isn’t it?

Here are some of her Alternate Reality Problems we wish to encounter in our lives.


Pretty Problems

“Gano’n ba ako kaganda?” [Am I that beautiful?]

Yes! Lottie Bie, you are really beautiful. Imagine saying those lines and seeing that as a problem in your life. That’s pretty insane! I will gladly accept it if I get make-up and sparkles instead of getting pimples on my face. That is the kind of problem I wish to have at the moment.

Here’s another one you would also enjoy.

Money Problems With Mommy Lottie

“Sobrang dami na nating pera, kaya nga tayo nagbabayad ng tuition mo para maubos ‘yong pera natin ‘di ba?” [We already have too much money, we pay your tuition to use up our money, right?]

The wish I have right now is to be born as Lottie Bie’s daughter in the Alternate Reality World. I will help her get rid of her money, that is what I can promise her. Leave it to me and don’t worry about it.

With this video, Lottie Bie’s TikTok Followers commented “Ganitong problema lang tinatanggap ko.” and I totally agree. When will I have this thing?

Reply to @pipaykipayy sawang sawa na ko!

♬ original sound – lottiebie – lottiebie

“‘di ba sabi ko sa inyo mga anak gastusin n’yo ‘yong pera? Kailangan na naman natin magbook ng bakasyon. Sawang-sawa na akong magbakasyon, lagi na lang akong nasa beach.” [Didn’t I tell you kids to spend your money? We need to book for vacation again. I’m sick of vacations, I’m always at the beach.”

Lottie, Do you want me to go instead? I mean, it is totally okay for me to spend weekends on vacation. Just tell me when it is and I will prepare my bikinis.

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Holdaper giving Gadgets


Reply to @_jaylsndr LAGOT KA, KULOT

♬ original sound – lottiebie – lottiebie

“Kailangan ko kasing mamigay ng gadgets.” [I need to give away gadgets]

If this is how holdaper do their crimes, I might consider coming home late and walking through dark alleys. Where can I meet this kind of holdaper? I need gadgets for work!

But kidding aside, make sure of your safety and avoid walking down dangerous paths. Nothing is more precious than life and this is the real treasure we must cherish. Alternate Reality Problems? Well, I wish we have those but since we don’t, let us just focus on solving our problems. We should not avoid it! Consider problems as challenges and opportunities. We might learn, grow, and gain wonderful experiences along the journey.

How do you solve your own problems? Share them with us!

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