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Sweet Tooth Ready? Time to rev up your craving quest for Sweet Adventures!


Sweet Tooth Ready? Time to rev up your craving quest for Sweet Adventures!

After a long weekend and serene holidays, someone might be longing to have a sweet tooth. So if you’re looking for a bite to eat — perhaps a slice of cake or a piece of cookie might save the day. 

While there may be a myriad of options in selecting shops bringing the stellar quality of pastries, only a few can rev up the ardent cravings within your taste buds. Up for a good quest of sweet-ventures? Well, consider the sweet treats of Sweet Adventures as they got the perfect staples to fuel your longing!

The ones unraveling the Sweet Adventures

Sweet Adventures started with Kat Mamaril and Patricia Ara Mamaril last 2020 during the pandemic. Absolute chemistry has trailblazed as Patricia specializes the baking and Kat handles the selling aspect. 

Currently, Kat is a third-year medical student at Ateneo School of Medicine and Public Health. More than the pastry shop, the 25-year-old entrepreneur is the owner of a medical clothing line, MCline Design. While in a relationship, she is also a student leader. 

“So as you can see, there are various aspects of my life working in motion on top of handling two expanding and growing brands, which is why life is DEFINITELY an adventure.”

— Kat Mamaril

Fast forward to two years later and a million recipes that they have tried and tested, now they have their own flagship store and commissary, which operate daily.

But more than just earning a little, we really wanted to share the love of pastries, sweet and baking with everyone and the positive feedback that we received pushed us and enlightened us to the possibility of hey, this is working. So, we got extra serious about it.”

Perfect sampler for every family 

Sweet Adventures is proud to showcase their consistent, generous, and affordable sweets. Definitely, a perfect treat for every family. They serve best-selling dessert boxes that are worthwhile! They offer two options to avail — Mini Sampler and All-In Sampler.

If you’re looking for just the right amount of sweets, Mini Sampler would be the best pick. Consisting of 18 delightful desserts, it can be purchased for only Php 450. 

On the other hand, if you’re up to grab a jam-packed 39 seasoned dessert, I bet you would love the All-In Sampler available for only Php 850. 

“All of our products utilize premium ingredients using easy and simple methods but made with the utmost patience, care and love – our secret ingredient in everything that we do. Giving 100% back to our customers no matter what and going the extra mile.” 

More than the collective box of sweet treasures, they also dish out daily staples that they bake each day. Enlivening the tagline, “Where every bite tells a story,” Kat shared the sentimental and fun stories behind the creation of their products. 

Chocolate chip cookies

Cookie-lovers? How about adding this to your cart? This chocolate chip cookie is a delicious baked dessert distinguished by the presence of chocolate chips and its rich flavor.

According to Kat, there was a back story behind this product, making it more exceptional. Originally back in 2009, Kat’s sister used this recipe to bake 1000 cookies for a Christmas giveaway. 

“She was the only person baking at that time and she was just actually doing it for our parent’s friends. It took her at least until 3 am the next day to finish everything.”

Crazy Crinkles

Great treat alert! Heaven feels with those crackles on top, with the powdered sugar in between. This best-selling product absolutely hit the right name because its stunning texture and flavor will drive you crazy!

Sweet Adventures was already operating when they incorporated the crinkles into the menu. Kat also confirmed that it was just a “for fun” recipe that my sister just because she wanted to make crinkles. 

“I am not a fan of crinkles, but boy, two years later, the crinkles are our number 1 best-selling product and people don’t buy it per piece, they buy in the boxes. So it is for sure, a great treat!”

Secret Fudge Brownies

Personally speaking, a fudgy brownie is the only way to go. With these Secret Fudge Brownies, expect an intensely rich chocolate flavor and a dense, super-moist, often gooey texture. In addition, this product wouldn’t be secret anymore once you taste it — because you’re gonna share it with others.     

Kat also shared that they have a tita who has the best brownie recipe that she always brings to reunions. 

“As in whenever we all go out as a family, the brownies are the first one to get finished. Fights have also been made in honor of the brownies, it was that good.”

Sensational Revel bars

For those who aren’t aware, revel bars are one of the classic recipes that you’re certain to find in church cookbooks across the Midwest. But Sweet Adventures delicately serves the best one, perfectly fit for those who are yearning for this. 

Apparently, there was a cutesy story behind this sensational masterpiece. Kat mentioned that this pastry craft was made during the pandemic wherein they just wanted to make revel bars as they crave Purple Oven’s revel bars. 

“So my other sister Tin and brother said they can make the revel bars. My brother was the one saying the recipe out loud to her and he said 4 cups of oats and we were both, wow! That’s a lot of oats. He suddenly said OH NO after we have mixed everything, it turned out he read 4 cups of flour and we were like HUH?! So it was a failed recipe, and we had a laugh about it. Now, we have perfected the revel bars with the right amount of flour and oats.” 

Choco PB Bars

Wave your flags, Chovo PB Bar lovers! It’s actually great to find out that the popularity of this Choco-PB combination appears to be due to a phenomenon known as Dynamic Sensory Contrast. Our taste buds adore it when two flavors contrast and the smoothness of the chocolate and the crunch of the peanut butter serve as a match-made in heaven.

FUN FACT: The process en route to the absoluteness of these PB bars is not a piece of cake. According to Kat, her sister said she wanted to make PB bars and she said, it sounds “weird and disgusting.” In fact, it took them at least two batches to get it right because her sister got so frustrated every time it wasn’t turning outright. 

“She eventually got it right and we started including it in the recipe. However, since the orders were piling up on the choco PB bars, she was the only one who knew how to make them. She would always complain that she hated making it but made it in the first place. Now, she doesn’t make them at all, we make them, and to be honest, it is one of the recipes that is THE EASIEST out of all of them. When we ask her to make the PB bars now, she says nope, nope too stressful HAHA.”

Lava Cakes

One thing to take note of about lava cakes: It’s not just a cake – it’s a creation. It burst out too much richness in flavor, not to mention the joy it could bring to one’s tastebuds. 

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As Kat described it, if you’ve ever eaten in Cyma, you have a fair idea of how this delicious dessert will taste and how insanely pricey it also is.

“So my sister tried to copy the recipe and made a huge version for us. So until now, it is the same lava cake recipe that we use in our store. Plus whenever we make these even before, it is also a star dessert.”

If you looking for a more variety of pastries? Sweet Adventures are offering more superb products. Perhaps, consider tasting their Sugarless Cookies, Cream Cheese Brownies, Mango Tres Leches, and Banana Keme Pie (Banana cream pie). 

Sugarless Cookies
Cream Cheese Brownies
Mango Tres Leches
Banana Keme Pie

Further, they also offer lactation cookies for mommies who particularly love to increase their breastmilk supply while indulging in their favorite treats. They serve the best oatmeal choco chip cookies, revel milk bars, and guilt-free sugarless cookies.

Monthly “sweet-ventures” delicacies 

Every month, Sweet Adventures releases something special and fun recipes for their customers. The goal of Sweet Adventures is really to showcase different desserts from different parts of the world. In addition, they will be putting up a map of desserts that they have made to commemorate the experience, joy, and fun of making them. To date, it’s apparently their greatest challenge.  

For the month of February, they released our Puff Daddy’s collection.

“It is spiked donuts with just one flavor so far because we are still perfecting the dough recipe. We had the Leche Whiskey Donuts and soon to follow, Sangria donuts, Bourbon Bacon Cinnamon donut, Fireball doughnut, and many more.” 

For the month of March, they released Cupcake favorites with 6 flavors (upper left to right): Nutella Whoopie, Red Velvet Eme, Strawberry Dream Come True, Ube Leche SUPREME, Vanilla Yarn, and Oreo Overload.

For this month of April, they are serving their profiteroles with the following flavors:

  • Bridgerton Favorites: Ruby Rose, Custard, Butterscotch, and Caramel
  • Danburry Classics: Strawberry, Nutella, Custard, and Mango

If your sweet tooth is calling, then it’s time to visit their store or check out their website and online platforms.

You can visit their flagship store located at Unit 4 Block 4 Lot 1 Greenwoods Ave., Corner Palmetto St. Greenwoods Executive Village, Cainta, Rizal. You can also order online through their website or via their social media pages. 

Facebook: Sweet Adventures
Instagram: @thesweeet.adventures
Tiktok: thesweetadventures
Landline: 8-638-5730
Cellphone: 0996469354 (Smart); 09164092753 (Globe)

Sweet Adventures offers free delivery and pick-up within the village in Greenwoods with a minimum of 500 pesos. Additional 30 pesos will also be charged for deliveries around the area.

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