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Traits that Make You a Certified Pinoy

Traits that Make You a Certified Pinoy

A person’s physical features are not enough basis for identifying their nationality. Instead, what makes them genuinely a part of that nationality is the practice of traditions, the upholding of culture, and the possession of certain traits passed down from generation to generation. With that, a person who is not Filipino by blood can still be considered a true Filipino by heart!



Filipinos are known for their warm gesture of hospitality, making other people feel a sense of belongingness whenever they enter a Filipino household. Even if they aren’t financially capable, they ensure that visitors are well taken care of and have something to eat. It is safe to say that Filipinos are outstanding at entertaining guests. Moreover, they will not ask for anything in return.


Pinoys are selfless as they would not hesitate to lend a helping hand to those in need. A pure heart and intention show when a person who does not have enough for himself still decides to help without hesitation. They make sure to be kind towards others, but more importantly, they believe that the people who are deserving of such kindness are those who are likewise able to return the same.


Filipinos care greatly towards others, most especially when it comes to family. Members of a Filipino family will frequently check upon the other family member’s whereabouts and conditions. Additionally, parents prioritize their children’s well-being, among other things. For example, if their child is sick, they won’t be able to relax until they give a proper medication.


Positivity / Optimism

They are positive individuals who love to smile and make others smile. Even visitors from around the globe point out this remarkable trait and wouldn’t deny that they are cheerful companions, one of the many admirable characteristics of Filipinos. No matter what challenges arise, they continue to flash a smile and find something to be happy about by looking at the brighter side of things.


Have you ever heard of the Filipino words ‘po’ or ‘opo’? Saying these words shows Filipinos’ respect toward other people. Even though they speak English, some still use these terms in conversation. Other than that, Filipinos also practice blessing their elderly, where they take the hand of the older person and touch their foreheads to show respect. They believe that people should show the same traits to those around them if they want to gain respect.

Hard Working

Do you ever wonder why so many Filipinos work abroad? They need money to maintain their family’s financial demands. However, some Filipinos seek work abroad due to limited opportunities. They instead go somewhere far away than remain in the Philippines and do nothing. In addition, Filipinos grab every chance of work they come across; some even hold down two or three jobs to better provide for their families.

Hard working Filipino

Family Oriented

They treasure their family so much, the reason why most children stay with their parents for a very long time. Other nationalities typically leave their home when they turn eighteen (18), while Filipinos don’t usually do so until after marriage and starting a family. Also, it is common in the Philippines to have a family reunion! Moreover, despite being away, they maintain good contact and relationships.

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Faith / Religious

Everyone respects the numerous religions practiced by Filipinos. They have church routines that they adhere to, and they participate in various church events. These religions were introduced to Filipinos by people who colonized them, like the Christianity that the Spaniards brought.


All for one, one for all is a famous proverb among Filipinos. There is always a community prepared to lend a hand. This trait was most demonstrated during the pandemic when people used their creativity to establish the community pantry. “Give according to ability, take based on need,” or “Magbigay ayon sa kakayahan, kumuha batay sa pangangailangan.” This idea inspired everyone, and soon hundreds of pantries were created by Filipinos all over the country.

Do you exhibit these traits? However, showing kindness to everyone you encounter is what matters the most. Your life will be more blessed and full of positivity if you treat other people well and have good relationships with them. A good trait does not necessarily imply simply performing good things because the heart, above all, should possess kindness.

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