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Top 3 Fuel-Efficient Motorcycles in 2022

Top 3 Fuel-Efficient Motorcycles in 2022

One alternative to escape the hassle of public transportation is by buying our own motorcycle. But due to the rising cost of gasoline prices, it can be a bit impractical. Luckily, we have listed down a list of the most affordable and fuel-efficient motorcycles that you can buy right now.

Suzuki Smash 115

First on the list is the Suzuki Smash 115cc. This motorcycle has been around for decades now and is definitely one of the most reliable when it comes to fuel efficiency. The Smash’s fuel system is a Carburator Type and has an average fuel consumption of 47 kilometers per liter.

What made the Smash as a great motorcycle is aside from it being fuel efficient, it is also known for the reliability of its engine power. It comes with 6.4 kilowatts max power at 8000rpm. It has 9nm torque power and has a fuel tank capacity of 4.3 Liters.

The Suzuki Smash is priced at only P64, 500 pesos. Definitely one of the cheapest motorcycles out there in the market.

Bajaj CT 100

The Bajaj CT 100 is considered as one of, if not, the best motorcycle when it comes to fuel efficiency. It has a huge fuel tank capacity at 10.5 Liters, which will definitely go a long way. The best part about the Bajaj CT 100 is that it has an average fuel consumption of 80 kilometers per Liter. You can definitely not go wrong with Bajaj if you’re after a fuel-efficient motorcycle.

Aside from its efficiency, the Bajaj CT 100 will also not disappoint you when it comes to its engine power as it has 4 speed manual transmission at a maximum power of 7.7HP in 7,500 Rpm. The maximum torque reaches up to 8.24Nm.

The Bajaj CT 100 only has a price of P49,000 pesos. Making it the most affordable motorcycle here in our list.

Honda Wave Alpha

Last on our list of the most affordable and fuel-efficient motorcycles is the Honda Wave Alpha. Just like the Suzuki Smash, the Honda Wave Alpha has been around for a lot of time now. It is due to the fact that aside from being fuel-efficient, its engine is also one of the most durable when compared to other motorcycles.

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The Honda Wave Alpha also has a carburator type fuel system. It has an average fuel consumption of 60 kilometers per Liter. It has a 110-CC displacement for its engine and a max power of 6.9 kilowatts at 7, 500 Rpm. Its torque power comes to 8.46Nm at 6,000 Rpm.

Aside from its fuel efficiency, the Honda Wave Alpha is also considered as an environmental-friendly motorcycle as it is already euro 3 compliant. The Honda Wave Alpha is priced at only P47, 700.

One of the main things to look for when buying a motorcycle is how fuel efficient it is and if it can be a reliable mode of daily transportation. There might be a lot of other motorcycle that are affordable and fuel-efficient. But for starters, you can definitely go wrong with the list above.

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