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TikTok musicians that everybody should include in their playlists

TikTok musicians that everybody should include in their playlists

TikTok entertained people through its various content creators since its release in 2016. Through the platform, creators share their talent in dancing, cooking, arts, and vocal skills for all to witness. Some songs from the platform are so ear-catching that they get popularized in mainstream media!

Here are TikTok creators that made tunes heard from around the world!


Jacob Lawson definitely charmed the world with his hit singles from TikTok. The American breakout star started his music career in TikTok, creating snippets of music that the community could use.


the song is called golden hour & the Iink is in my bio ily all

♬ golden hour – JVKE

His first viral piece called Upside Down, a 10-second unfinished song, sky-rocketed in popularity after being used by Charli D’Amelio and Bella Poarch. Pretty soon, JVKE released back-to-back hits like this is what falling in love feels like and golden hour.

The latter remains at the Top 42 Spot of the Billboard Hot 100. JVKE’s song reminds us of the warmth and beauty of love in form of songs. If you’re looking for a bright addition to your Ballad playlist, be sure to check out JVKE!


Akintoye turned heads because of hilarious bars that stump trolls and fiends alike. He started his TikTok career by replying to rap challenges by producers and other rappers.

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@yeahitsak Pls and thnx #fyp ♬ original sound – Akintoye

His smooth flow and clear lyrical game remain his best asset, along with his humor and wit. Soon after getting traction, Akintoye had a turn in releasing songs like Overload and Pizzazz. However, we’re still waiting for a release of his hit TikTok video, I’m Broke. The relatable personality along with their talent for spitting words made Akintoye a remarkable TikToker fit for your listening pleasures.

November Ultra

Sometimes all we need is a good song and a soothing voice on our lowest days. November Ultra gained online traction on TikTok when she released her version of “Winner Takes It All” by ABBA. The version was so melancholic and angelic that it was used as a background for many sad or awe-inspiring stories.

@november_ultra @abba – the winner takes it all 🌹 abba forever and always, every single one of their songs is a gem ✨🌸💕 ps- my darling precious, i’m so happy to tell you that i’m releasing new music this friday february 25th mihihih 🎶💐 #fyp #abba #breakupsong#voiceeffects ♬ the winner takes it all – november ultra

The video remains as her most viewed content, but the songs didn’t stop there! By 2021, Ultra released her first EP soft and tender. And, this year, she released an album, bedroom walls. This contains another TikTok hit, come into my arms, described as a lullaby for grown-ups that needs rest. November Ultra’s music calms the mind and sensation, so if you’re looking for a moody and mellow vibe, be sure to include her on your list!

TikTok undeniably became a meme for being a cringey dancing app a while back. But that didn’t stop the platform from unveiling talented individuals with songs to share and stories to tell. This just proves that the most wonderful things come from unexpected places. All we have to do is look -or in this case, listen. Want to read more articles like this? Read here!

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