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Three Things I Like the Most About Manila


Three Things I Like the Most About Manila

High-rise buildings, busy roads 24/7, and establishments here and there. These are just some of the things one could like about the City of Manila. Growing up in the province, where the aforementioned things were rarely present, those always amaze me.

Manila City never fails to make my heart flutter. Not only because this is where my university is at, and not because this is where I currently reside. It is more than that. Frankly speaking, I spent half of my college days living in Manila. And for those two years, I learned to embrace the culture, the city itself, and everything in between.

With that said, let me enumerate three things I like most about Manila.

Manila’s Famous Historical Places

This city is not just all about skyscrapers, contrary to what most people from the province believe. Manila also boasts its famous historical heritages, carrying records of the past.

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One of its most known places is the Rizal Park in Luneta where the late National Hero Dr. Jose P. Rizal was executed. Within this vicinity, National Museums stand tall. It is a government institution that preserves the permanent national collections and operates as follows: National Museum of Fine Arts. National Museum of Anthropology. National Museum of Natural History. And lastly, the National Planetarium. Also, it is the home of the tallest flagpole in the Philippines – the Independence Flagpole. This site holds the history of the proclamation of our country’s full independence. Truly, this park features some of the most important events in Philippine History. And it is an honor for everyone to commemorate these historical narratives in this historical park.

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Next on the list, the famous “Walled City” of Intramuros, often described as a city within a city, is the oldest district of Manila. This city, being heavily influenced by the old Spanish Era, is home to centuries-old institutions like schools and churches. Colegio de San Juan de Letran and Manila Cathedral are some of the institutions that hold important historical records. This is also where the Fort Santiago is located – a citadel that guards the old city, and where Rizal spent his finals days.

Manila truly is a city rich in our country’s history, preserve it for the next generation to witness.

City’s wide variety of dishes

Of course, foods should not be taken out of consideration. In Manila, there are a lot of go-to places to satiate your cravings and fulfill your soul.

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First on the list is the famous Binondo. It is a place popular for its famous, delicious, and very affordable foods in the country. It is a place that mixes the taste of authentic Chinese cuisine and various Filipino dishes. Truly, this place is a heaven for foodies like me.

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Also, located in the city within a city, La Cathedral Cafe is a must-try place. It is usually a place where couples go to experience the romantic vibes this cafe offers. Based on experience, one enjoys it best at night!

La Cathedral Cafe 2021 | Intramuros, Manila

The Manileños themselves

Of course, it is not just the variety of foods or the historical places that make this city special. With the welcoming embrace of its community, you could feel the warmth of Manila, during the day and night. The heart of this city is its people, indeed. Everyone I happened to have interactions with all have this one thing in common. It is their genuineness while talking to you. They are more than willing to help you with directions, or with whatever you need. Just approach them appropriately, and they would return the same energy.

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Also, people here are not judgmental, compared to those back in the province. Here, we have our own lives to mind, thus, there is no time to judge others. You are free to wear everything you want without having the expense of being talked about. You are free to do whatever you like, as long as you do not harm others, one would not mind at all.

These are at least based on my personal experiences. Manila City will forever hold a place in my heart. It is the place I would be willing to visit time and time again, and you should, too!

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