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This College Student Kickstarts Her Way to Success by Live Selling

This College Student Kickstarts Her Way to Success by Live Selling

Managing both school and business can be pretty daunting. But this 22-year-old college student aced both worlds. Mariella Alivio, a college student entrepreneur has proven that she is not faint-hearted.

On top of handling a heavy and hectic university workload, she was able to walk her way to success in business while wearing cute clothes! Mariella is currently an online seller on her TikTok clothing shop @klosette_ph with almost 47 thousand followers and previously an active live seller on Shopee that garnered a whopping 92 thousand followers on her account.

How she started online selling

At a young age in high school, she already has a passion for business. She tried selling different items such as clothing, food, and cosmetics. With the knowledge taught by her cousin to find the right suppliers and how to sell them.  Later on, as the pandemic hit, out of boredom of being left alone at home and being inspired by other online live sellers, she decided to confidently start her own journey last December 2020.

Amazed by the support and compliments Mariella got from her new and regular customers which jumpstart her business from growing. This helped her step out of her comfort zone, and showcase her products, all while having fun and earning an extra income. She was able to map out all the processes of a live selling business, attend to customers at home, and achieve a high profit with her hard work. She was also awarded the Star Seller Award by Shopee for achieving 1.5 million views on her account. Mariella sells up to 800 parcels every time she live sell!

With the mission to bridge the gap between quality and affordability, she sells different clothing such as tops, skirts, pants, shorts, and sweaters, depending on the demand online.

An opportunity to showcase her skills and talent

With the influx of customers checking out, and with the help and support of her family, she was able to buy a portion of land and proudly helped her parents to leave their jobs, “I got to treat both myself and my family. A lot of things changed when I got this opportunity, and I am very grateful. I thank God for [giving me] this talent because it is not easy to sell products to customers,” she stated.

Behind this go-getter attitude and businesswoman mindset, Mariella admitted that it was hard to juggle both school and business. But with her determination, perseverance, and courage, she highlighted that “There’s no room for us to think to quit since it is our part of our work to stay afloat and go with the trends together with keeping our quality of service to our consumers.” This young entrepreneur is very hands-on with having conversations with her customers and even go along with restocking and new item requests. Talk about great customer service!

Her advice for aspiring college entrepreneurs

She stressed that there are no “what ifs” in this journey. “It’s kinda cliche but you just have to trust in yourself. If you know you can, I’m sure you will. You just got to learn and try until you find your own pace. You are what you believe you can, and it was never easy, but it was fulfilling,” Mariella said.

Pursuing your passion for business while studying is definitely no easy feat. Mariella is a testament that with perseverance and hard work, you can achieve whatever you set your eyes to. There are necessary efforts and sacrifices to endure to fulfill every possibility you dream of.

We are rooting for Mariella and her shop! You can check out her TikTok shop and anticipate live selling for new releases of trending clothing items! Get ready to comment “mine”!

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