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Things You’re Tired of Receiving as a Christmas Gift

Things You’re Tired of Receiving as a Christmas Gift

Truly, Christmas will never be complete without the presence of the most sought-after holiday star—a gift. Just the thought of receiving a gift makes Christmas a merrier experience and something to look forward to. However, nothing beats the part where you finally get a chance to open the Christmas gift that you accepted. The excitement, curiosity, and joyfulness are all mixed as you ruin the once-perfect Christmassy wrapper. Now, perhaps the turning point comes when the gift is finally all bare in front of you. 

Do you love it? Are you going to use it? Was it less than what you expected? 

Whether you like the gift or not, a voice will always tell you that it’s the thought that counts. Of course, even the smallest glimpse of a kind gesture and good intention deserves appreciation. But if you receive the same kind of gifts every year, it’s hard not to feel a little disappointed. Because it’s an underwhelming experience, I listed items that you are possibly tired of receiving every Christmas below.


Anyone who loves drinking hot coffee or hot chocolate will absolutely appreciate a mug for Christmas. Moreover, mugs come in handy to protect our hands from burning whenever the drink is way too hot. For sure, people enjoy having as many servings of drinks as they want, but one mug can be enough.

Picture Frame

In households, a picture frame usually serves two main purposes—to display a picture and as decoration. It also creatively gives life to the interior, making it one of the must-have items for a home. On the other hand, while people can have thousands of pictures, picture frames should not be given a thousand times. It should be noted that not everyone has enough space on their walls or side tables for many picture frames.

Wall Clock

Another essential item for the home is a wall clock. Just like a picture frame, a wall clock also serves two purposes—to tell time and to beautify walls. While wall clocks are indeed useful, one can be enough because most people use phones to check the time anyways. Let us all be real, people certainly need more time rather than a wall clock as a present every Christmas.

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To be honest, a planner is definitely one of the most useful and sweetest Christmas presents ever. Through it, you can wisely and artistically organize your eventful life in just one notebook. However, too much planning might prevent you from exploring more possibilities and it might constrain your freedom. Overall, planners are a great Christmas gift but sometimes life planning only takes one planner.

To clarify, all the items included in the list are definitely beautiful gifts. Without a doubt, you are free to give them as Christmas presents to anyone you prefer. It is totally up to you. The purpose of the list is for us to avoid giving the same gifts to the same person each year.

Let us try our best to make each Christmas an exciting, merrier, and memorable experience. Enjoy the holidays!

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