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3 Korean Mukbangers Who Eat the Cleanest

3 Korean Mukbangers Who Eat the Cleanest

YouTubers who do Mukbang as the main content of their channel continue to keep the trend of eating an abundant amount of food alive. Some of the mukbangers you may have come across on the said platform are ErikTheElectric, Veronica Wang, and Nikocado Avocado. However, this trend started among Koreans back in 2010.

Meanwhile, viewers who religiously watch mukbang videos are aware that most Korean mukbangers eat their food neatly. Perhaps it is the most satisfying part of their videos. To prove this, I listed three Korean mukbangers who eat the cleanest.

1. Eat with Boki

In her channel’s description, Boki wrote “Asmr eating” with a heart emoji. This is because she does her mukbang videos Autonomic Sensory Meridian Response or ASMR. An ASMR video gives the person watching or listening tingling sensations for it produces stimulating images and audio. Furthermore, ASMR videos also took a trend on YouTube for the satisfying experience they bring to the viewers. 

In addition, Boki eats a variety of food including Korean food, seafood, and desserts, among many others. She also adds captions to her videos to describe the food and express her reactions or reviews.

As of writing, she has 8.16 million subscribers.

2. Bonggil

Like other Korean mukbangers, Bonggil also uploads ASMR mukbang videos to his YouTube channel. While he eats different kinds of desserts, it seems like cakes are a staple in his dessert mukbangs. Besides sweet foods, he also enjoys eating cheesy food and spicy food.

Another satisfying thing about his videos, even if the food is way too spicy, he eats it happily. Moreover, Bonggil always smiles during his mukbang and it sure gives bright energy to the viewers.

As of writing, he has 2.59 million subscribers.

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3. Tzuyang

Tzuyang’s approach in her mukbang videos separates her from the other two YouTubers on this list. She mostly visits restaurants to eat. Moreover, the format of her mukbang videos almost resembles the likes of food shows due to its incorporation of background music and overall editing.

Meanwhile, Tzuyang eats the most amount of food out of the three mukbangers. Just like Bonggil, she also shows fun energy in her videos. 

As of writing, she garnered 6.84 million subscribers.

Photo | Tzuyang

Go to the channels of these three Korean Mukbang YouTubers and watch them eat neatly!

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