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Take the big step to save yourself — avoid plastic straws!


Take the big step to save yourself — avoid plastic straws!

We are currently experiencing intense heat, to the point that air conditioning will no longer suffice. What are your strategies for dealing with it?

My favorite cold brew drink comes from Starbucks and my favorite boba milk tea is from Coco. Aside from that, have you noticed that aside from the excessive heat, we also experience heavy storms? Well, climate change has been happening for a long time now.

I’m not going to talk about my favorite beverage; instead, I’m going to discuss how we can enjoy our favorite beverage without harming the environment. This is obviously to save YOURSELF, to save us. Who wants to regret not protecting the environment? No one.

We can actually make a significant contribution to the environment by simply refraining to use plastic straws. Imagine enjoying every sip of your favorite drink without ever considering the potential harm to the environment.

Most plastic straws simply break down into smaller and smaller particles, releasing chemicals that are toxic to animals, plants, people, and the environment into the land, air, and water.

When plastics, such as straws, disintegrate, dangerous poisons are released, polluting aquatic ecosystems and eventually destroying the environment. Preventing the use of plastic utensils or straws can be a big help to avoid causing damage to the sea. 

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The most immediate effect of banning plastic straws is the removal of a significant portion of plastic pollutants in terms of both number and bulk as well as preventing toxins to spread all over the ocean.

We are the change that can save us. We have to start by taking small steps to help the environment breathe. Buy reusable straws, cups, or utensils to prevent using plastic. We can enjoy our food and drinks, and at the same time, help the environment.

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