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The beauty when you look up


The beauty when you look up

Have you ever wondered why the sky is so beautiful? With its ever-changing colors and puffy clouds producing a variety of patterns, it is quite breathtaking. The sky is generally blue, but between sunrise and sunset, you can see yellow, orange, red, green, purple, and violet. Even though at times, it becomes gray, it’s still rather lovely, don’t you think?

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One thing is for certain: everyone notices the sky changes, and we notice how it colors our surroundings. Isn’t it true that it may provide us with so many memories? Who doesn’t appreciate its beauty?

Every day brings a new surprise from above; I, for one, look forward to seeing how lovely the sky is every day. To be honest, I hate it when it darkens—it truly scares me at times, although most people prefer black skies. They see it as the ideal moment to go through some personal things and consider some critical issues that they don’t generally discuss.

Purple skies are my favorite since they are so pleasing to the eyes. It gives my day so much significance.

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Skies are up for interpretation by each and every individual. They may remind us of something tragic, happy, meaningful, or whatever.

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Whenever things are getting rough, I know I can look up and breathe. The beauty of the sky gives me hope. If it can be gray and still turn into a colorful one, then so are my life experiences. That is what it reminds me of every day.

The sky can signify joy, hope, and new beginnings. All I know is for me, its beauty will never fade away.

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