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SZA clarifies that she has no beef with Taylor Swift as their records battle it out in the charts

SZA clarifies that she has no beef with Taylor Swift as their records battle it out in the charts

In the age of social media, conflicts between fandoms sometimes get out of hand due to conflicting opinions and oversized egos. People love to pit two artists against each other, especially, female artists. And today, SZA is having none of that.

Emerging artist SZA made clear that there is no personal feud between her and songwriting genius Taylor Swift, despite both of their albums battling each other out head-on in music charts.

Currently, SZA guns for another week on the top spot of the Billboard 200 chart for her exquisitely sounding album SOS. This means that she would need to beat Taylor’s groundbreaking Midnights for the fourth time which currently sits at No. 2 on the songs chart.

Midnights championed the Billboard 200 immediately after its October 2022 release. The beloved record has so far spent 10 weeks on the chart, however, it was dethroned twice—first by Drake and 21 Savage last November, then by Metro Boomin a month later.

Midnights then remained on its No. 2 slot a week later, when SOS made its No. 1 debut, also shortly after its release. SOS, which was dropped about five years after SZA’s debut album Ctrl, is now on a three-week streak on the digital chart.

As usual, some fans go in their way to have taken this race to the top spot as a hint that the two talented singers may be dealing with a feud outside the charts, proving how toxic fandom culture can be.

The shirt singer felt the need to clarify that she has no bad blood with Taylor, as per her Twitter post on January 6.

Uhh I feel silly that I even have to say this but I see supporters arguing and I hate that. I don’t have beef [with] ANYONE especially not Taylor lmao (laughing my a** off). I genuinely loved her album and the writing! Everyone’s [just trying to] do their BEST as we all should. LOVE TO EVERYONE.

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This clarification was released as part of a Twitter thread thanking fans for streaming and buying copies of SOS during the tracking period for charts.

Certainly, this should be a reminder to both fandoms that we should never pit artists against each other. They usually develop camaraderie in the business as they share their experiences with each other in the limelight and that creates a wonderful environment in the industry and should be kept that way.

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