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SB19 X Chynna Mamawal Collaboration SOLD-OUT in less than 2-minutes

SB19 X Chynna Mamawal Collaboration SOLD-OUT in less than 2-minutes

Philippine’s leading quintet SB19 teamed up with one of the brightest names in the fashion industry and world-class designer Chynna Mamawal, creating an exclusively designed merchandise for their newest single WHAT? The P-pop group released the official music video of their first single this year on Tuesday, March 9. Combined with a dedicated fanbase and a beautifully-crafted collection, the merchandise of the newly-released track was sold-out in less than two minutes.

SB19 X Chynna Mamawal Collaboration SOLD-OUT in less than 2-minutes

Despite the postponement of its virtual launch event, Village Pipol was able to talk to Chynna Mamawal who expressed her feelings regarding such an achievement. According to her, the collaboration for the merchandise came about when ShowBT Philippines contacted her.

They requested a meeting. Then, they asked if Chynna can design their merchandise — mainly because the band loves her creation of classy bespoke outfits. Aside from that, they also wanted her to design a set of premium limited edition merch which will be launched soon.

“I was feeling all sorts of emotions. I was so nervous and excited at the same time. To my surprise, with just a blink of an eye, it was already sold-out. I was actually confident that it will be sold-out. But, I didn’t expect that it will be sold-out that fast. Crazy. I’m really proud, though. The whole team worked really hard for it.”

Social media playing a role in the virality of WHAT? merchandise.

Everything that relates to SB19 has the chance to go viral. When they announced that they would be releasing their own merchandise with Chynna, it surely excites the whole fandom. This could be a chance for an A’Tin to physically hold something that SB19 truly worked hard for — of course, with the help of Chynna and her team.

“My marketing team (MSocial) and ShowBT really planned everything well. Pinag-isipan talaga namin lahat. Most of SB19’s fans are young. So, we made sure that our online presence remains strong. We were really expecting to be viral. Also, SB19’s fandom A’Tin has been really supportive of this project. We really appreciate them.”

If you want more SB19 X Chynna Mamawal collaboration, worry no more.

“We are only starting. People will see more of me and my collaboration with SB19 in the coming months. So, stay tuned!”

Fashion goes hand-in-hand with one’s self-expression, confidence, and creativity.

Just like Chynna said, most of SB19’s fans are young. They are from the most diverse and accepting generation — a generation that values self-expression, confidence, and creativity. That’s one of the reasons why they express their admiration towards the quintet. SB19 represents everything that they value and everything they desire for.

Chynna also comments on this as she pointed out:

“Dressing up is a way of expressing yourself. It gives you that certain power and confidence when you dress well.”

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