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Relatable Things Kim Namjoon Does That I Just Adore

Relatable Things Kim Namjoon Does That I Just Adore

He was introduced as Rap Monster in 2013, a few years later, he wrote in their fan cafe that he chose “RM” which stands for “Real Me”. It’s his idol name to this day. The once 15-year-old underground rapper “Runch Randa” is now one of the biggest names in the world today. Yet, the 28-year-old Kim Namjoon is still a very mundane and relatable person today.

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The Heartbeat for Arts and Books

Calling Kim Namjoon’s love for arts and books “undeniable” would be an understatement. The man has marked every opportunity to express his extreme interest in these things. Be it on interviews, shows, their concerts, behind the scene clips, his own Instagram account, etc, you name it!

Photo | BANGTAN BOMB Episode

It felt like he had taken us on different museum dates with his IG posts and had us join the book club with his quotes on their Twitter account and on Weverse. And as the pandemic eases, it is common for most of us to seek calm outdoor activities, right?

“God of Destruction”

Namjoon was granted this title by BTS members and fans (ARMY). We all have those few clumsy moments in life, meanwhile others like me have it more, then there is Kim Namjoon. We have witnessed how he easily destroyed props and stuff in different clips. The times when two or three of his fingers have bandages and casts in fan meets because he hit them somewhere randomly. RM’s clumsiness is easy to relate to, but his is kind of dangerous.

A very Virgo Baby

A September baby with a Virgo star sign is said to be born with a ‘dependable’ aura that makes them leaders and problem solvers. No doubt he is chosen to be BTS’ leader.

During his guesting on the Korean TV show Problematic Men, he showed his problem-solving skills with riddles and tricky questions. As a Virgo myself, who takes responsibility to lead at times and likes problem-solving games, I can relate to the guy.

The Relatable Lyrics

The BTS’ rapper and one of the main producers give us very relatable lyrics in every song. Namjoon writes as if he converses with the listeners, this is why fans always find themselves in different songs. There is that “oh, it’s like me” or “oh, that’s very me!” as fans share their insights about his songs. The stories he tells are of relatable perspectives that when delivered bring comfort, especially to ARMYs.

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The act of living as Kim Namjoon, this includes taking walks through parks, admiring nature, hanging out with crabs, and having fun with friends.

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Kim Namjoon, AskAnythingChat episode, March 2021
Photo | @rkive

In BTS’ AskAnythingChat guesting that aired in March 2021, the leader defined ARMY’s jargon “Namjooning”. The way he spends his free time relaxing and breathing are beyond relatable. I personally need to take road trips or walks and be surrounded by nature to calm my heart and mind to prevent burnout. This is a need, people, remember to loosen up and unwind from time to time.

And there you have it! Some relatable things Kim Namjoon. How about you, did you find anything in particular to relate to?

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