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5 Safer Ways To Celebrate New Year’s Eve

5 Safer Ways To Celebrate New Year’s Eve

As the year comes to a close, a new one is waving. And the most anticipated event is the celebration of New Year’s Eve. Of course, when talking about it, gatherings, loud noises, exquisite delicacies, grandiose fireworks, and firecrackers always come to mind.

Undeniably, firecrackers became one of the most significant things every New Year’s Eve. With its bombastic sounds and magnificent sparks, surely, most of us don’t want to miss the thrilling experience. Well, who doesn’t want to be mesmerized by the beauty of firecrackers as it pops into the sky? But did you know that behind its beauty is the danger that endangers the lives of many people every year?

That’s why I listed 5 safer ways to celebrate New Year’s Eve. Make it even more fantastic and memorable without risking your and your loved ones’ safety.

Indoor gatherings

Make your New Year’s Eve more unforgettable by celebrating it with a small and simple gathering at home. You can plan from your food, and activities, up to the people who you are going to invite. Remember that it is always about the memories we share and to whom we share them.

In a getaway

If you have an outgoing fam or pal, you can plan a getaway for your New Year’s Eve. But make sure to book a flight or a reservation ahead of time as we do not want to ruin our celebration by not getting to our dream destination.

DIY noise-makers

Of course, New Year’s Eve is incomplete without the noise. Therefore, unleash creativity in you by making DIY noise-makers. It is also a fun bonding activity with kids. You can make a noise-maker from an empty plastic bottle with pebbles or stones inside.

Watch fireworks display

If you love fireworks and don’t want to miss the chance so you can reminisce the memories in the future, then you might want to watch it from authorized personnel or groups. The SM Mall Of Asia, Rizal Park, and Marikina Riverbanks are notorious places in the Philippines when it comes to firework displays every New Year’s Eve.

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Watch drone shows

One of the most brilliant ideas that technology brought to us is the invention of drones. And now, people altering the fireworks into drones. So you might want as well to watch drones instead of fireworks. Drones are definitely safe and environmental-friendly.

Indeed, New Years’ Eve is one of the most awaited occasions all throughout the year as it is not only just a celebration but also signifies a fresh start, a new beginning, and a new hope.

Do you have any idea on how to celebrate New Year’s Eve in a safer way? Share it with us as we love to hear it from you. Happy New Year!

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