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Recommended fish breeds for beginners who want aquatic friends

Recommended fish breeds for beginners who want aquatic friends

Fishes for beginners

Having pets really proves to be therapeutic, especially for those seeking company. They can be your companions when you basically just want to have someone by your side. Some are dog-lovers and some prefer cats. However, in this list, we won’t be talking about these furry friends. Instead, we’ll be tackling the aquatic ones.

I have compiled a list of fishes for beginners who wants to be a parent to some wet cuties.

Fancy Guppy

Photo from Pinterest

They are very hardy and versatile. These guppies also don’t require any particular additional equipment, just the standard heater, and filter. They don’t have any particular environmental requirements, they appreciate well-planted tanks with plenty of space to hide.

Rosy Barb

Photo from the Spruce Pets

They are active fish with a peaceful temperament and bright color. The rosy barb is one of the larger members of the barb species. It can also grow up to six inches in the wild. This fish enjoys company, and if its school is large enough, it will not bother other fish in the aquarium.

Zebra Danio

Photo from Fishkeeping World

The Zebra Danio has an attractively striped, black and white zebra-patterned body. Due to that, they are easy to recognize. They are also known to be very durable and can withstand an impressive range of water temperatures and conditions. Unlike most fish species, they are loyal to their breeding partner and mate for life.


Photo from TFH Magazine

Molly is a close relative to Guppies and can be found in the freshwater stream in some parts of Southeast Asia. These include the Philippines, Singapore, and Indonesia. Mollies are active breeders.

They consume vegetables and algae in their natural habitat. This type of fish requires eating two to three times a day. However, beware not to overfeed other species when you mix them together in a tank.


Photo from Aquadiction

Rasboras can be found mostly in the southern part of the Philippines as well as in the tropical rivers of South East Asia. They usually come in bright colors. This fish is one of the easiest fish to breed and to take care. The reason is they don’t need any particular equipment in their tank.

What seems to be the type of fish you want? Do you already have any experience in this? Sound off in the comments.

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