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PARIKA KALYE SINING: Movement Reliving the Art of Binangonan

PARIKA KALYE SINING: Movement Reliving the Art of Binangonan

Our country, the Philippines, is known to be the home of great artists. In fact, our country is recognized as a melting pot where many distinct artistic traditions are clearly discernible. As a result, every corner of our country contains a piece of our own art.

Subsequently, one contributing factor to this recognition is our very own Filipino artists. Throughout history, Filipino artists have continuously created art using a range of styles and methodologies. Additionally, these artists also adhere to various ideologies and values that they believe in. Moreover, these artists are not just doing the art for personal benefit. But instead, they are using art as a platform to enrich our country’s culture and innate beauty. 

In line with this, several art movements in our country emerged. These movements carry a mission of sustaining their promise to promote Filipino artistry and talent. And one of several art movements in the country is the Parika Kalye Sining

The Story Behind Parika Kalye Sining

Several artists from the Town of Binangonan in Rizal started an organization named PARIKA KALYE SINING. This is an organization that adheres to propagating the art, culture, and history of Binangonan. In addition, they are encouraging Filipino artists to explore the vastness of imagination and translate their range of concepts into pieces that reflect the creative culture. 

Facebook| Parika Kalye Sining

The word PARIKA is a colloquial Binangonan word synonymous with Come or Makihalubilo. On the other hand, KALYE or street means a road that will serve as a channel for the unique art and culture of the town. Meanwhile, SINING or art is a broad practice that demonstrates technical, value, and history through creativity. 

With this, the organization will open the streets as a path of art, and open museums, and theaters. Through this, they are aiming to bring local artists and cultural workers closer to the public.


Magandang mix na nagkasama-sama mula sa iba’t-ibang disiplina na ready na i-take ang hamon na alamin, lumikha at pagyamanin ang bayan ng Binangonan.

-James Harvey Estrada

The pioneers and members of PARIKA KALYE SINING come from various art disciplines. Some of them are from visual art, music, theater, media arts, etc. And despite these differences, these artists still connect and adhere to the same goal. 

James Harvey Cerrero Estrada

Facebook | Parika Kalye Sining

James Harvey C. Estrada works as a multimedia director, screenwriter, filmmaker, and international theater director. Throughout his career, he explored every possible broadcast format like docu-drama, teleplays, magazine shows, reality shows, showbiz talks, and a lot more.

Jenny Lyn Nepomuceno Villegas

Facebook | Parika Kalye Sining

Jenny Lyn Villegas works as a freelance theater actor and events and production practitioner. In addition, she has been the production manager of the group’s various productions. This includes Luna, Ang Mga Huwad, M.U, and Ricky Lee’s Para Kay B.

Gio Anthony Viesca Ojeda

Facebook | Parika Kalye Sining

Gio Anthony Ojeda works as a full-time artist where he practices various art forms. This includes painting, tattoos, graphic designs, and murals. Moreover, throughout his career, he explored layout designing, photojournalism, graphic illustration, and the silk screen printing business. 

David Joshua Floriza Magno

Facebook | Parika Kalye Sining

David Joshua Magno is a writer, photographer, and cultural worker. At Pasinaya 2019, he also recited his selected poems alongside his group, the 3/7 Poetry Society. Moreover, David concentrates on communicating what he sees about the story of the people through his photography and literary works.

Jhon Lanreb Uy Claudio

Facebook | Parika Kalye Sining

Jhon Lanreb Claudio works as a musician and a full-time illustrator. His first band in high school, Down Drive, was where he started his artistic and musical endeavors. Additionally, this helped him hone his songwriting and vocal abilities. Now, his current aesthetic heavily borrows from comic books and the macabre.

Juan Martin Espejo Chulvo

Photo | Parika Kalye Sining

Currently, Juan Martin Chulvo functions as the Secretary-General and Head of Volunteers of the organization. She is also a communication student, performer, and advocate from Layunan Binangonan Rizal. Additionally, she is a proud transgender and LGBTQ+ member of society.

Aileen Doblada Sto. Domingo (Parika Artist)

Facebook | Parika Kalye Sining

Aileen Sto. Domingo works as a Master teacher II at Binangonan Elementary School, SDO Rizal. She is also a  DepEd National Teacher-Broadcaster at National Demonstration Teacher. Aside from teaching, she also wrote children’s stories like Ang Higante and Ang Sumbrero ni Sam

These artists understand the importance of education, expression, and propagation of art and culture in the Town of Binangonan. They are not just artists. They ARE artists. These people are art teachers, creators, tourism promoters, and cultural preservers. And above all, they are one of the catalysts of development in our society. 

The Movement’s Previous Activities:

Cultural Research and Cultural Mapping

Sa palagay namin, importante ang saliksik sa paglikha upang magkaroon ng matibay na pundasyon ang mga likhang sining at aktibidad na gagawin.

-James Harvey Estrada

In the town of Binangonan, the Parika core members began cultural research and cultural mapping project. Thus, to make sure they are moving on the correct path, they consult with a variety of cultural professionals, artists, and LGUs.

The core members had a meeting with the town mayor to discuss their ideas with the Local Government Unit. And as part of their continuous study of the rich culture and art, they consulted with Miss Her Gonzaga-Galangs, the town’s cultural researcher. 

Moreover, they had the opportunity to confer with poet and sculptor Tata Raul Funilas, one of Binangonan’s well-known artists.

Parika Tulaan

In line with the celebration of the Language Month (Buwan ng Wika), the PARIKA KAYLE SINING launched the Parika Tulaan. Here, several artists from Binangonan performed their creative and artistic pieces. This includes Parsua, Edbert Darwin Casten, David Joshua Magno, and Jon Granale. Moreover, Jetpack JB and Just Kidding also performed live music for the audience. 

Expect Something New these Upcoming Months

PARIKA KALYE SINING continuously creates various activities to adhere to the movement’s vision, mission, and goal. With this, they will be launching a series of events this month of September and in the next month of October. 

Parika Likhaan: Art Making and Education

This month of September, the PARIKA KALYE SINING will be launching Parika Likhaan. This is a series of assembly, seminar-workshop, training, and installation art making. 

Photo | Parika Kalye Sining

Day 1 will commence this coming September 3, 2022. This includes assembly and seminar workshops revolving around Art and Society, Artist Feature of WCOPA Winner, Parika Plans, and Programs. 

On September 10, 2022, the second day of assembly and seminar workshop will begin. The workshop will tackle the area of Binangonan History and Culture, Parika Komiks, Parika Education, and Street Art.

Additionally, the third day will happen on September 17, 2022. Here, the organization will launch training about Bigkis Sining, and Sculpture and Poetry. 

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Moreover, the last day of Parika Likhaan will be on September 24, 2022. The Installation Art training and Parika Sayawan will be the main highlight of the final day. 

Parika Binangonan Arts Festival

This coming October, the grandest Binangonan arts festival will happen. This will be spearheaded by PARIKA KALYE SINING and their partner organizations. 

Photo | Parika Kalye Sining

The initial plan for this activity is to present different performances in the streets. In this event, the main objective of the movement will happen– opening the streets as a path of art, and opening museums and theaters. Moreover, this event will allow the people to connect physically with local artists and cultural workers closer. 

Above all, the main purpose of this event is to open the door for Filipino artists to explore their wide range of ideas and disciplines of art. The movement also aims to encourage Filipino artists to come out of hiding and use their intellect to explore and imagine limitless possibilities. And through this, the visibility and voice of regional artists and visionaries can be seen and heard.

Furthermore, make sure to follow their Facebook account for more updates regarding upcoming events. 

A Reminder To All

We can never hide the fact that art is oftentimes neglected and underappreciated. And I think one significant reason for this is because of its accessibility. Sometimes, art is viewed as a luxury enjoyed by a certain group of people. However, art should not be viewed as this. It must be seen as an integral component of existence–our identity and history.

Moreover, everyone should have access to art in the first place. Therefore, several movements all around the world aim to bring people closer to art. And this is exactly the main objective of PARIKA KALYE SINING

PARIKA KALYE SINING empowers Filipino art and artists. They encourage Filipino artists to come out of their shadows. Additionally, this organization aims to help artists to see their fullest potential and explore boundless possibilities. Moreover, these artists are working with different institutions to emphasize the ideals of heart, passion, and prospects for a better future.

Itong movement at groundwork ng paglikha ang ating magiging pundasyon para sa mga susunod na heneresyon ng mga artists at kababayan natin upang mapanatili ang sining, kultura at kwentong bayan.

-James Harvey Estrada

On top of that, we must remember that art has enormous societal worth. Therefore, by integrating it into the masses and educational system, art can be accepted as a holistic practice. This not only benefits artists and arts educators but also our entire society by empowering our treasures. 

Lastly, we must remember that art includes the artist and the material itself. We devalue art by undervaluing artists. Therefore, we should do our part in enriching our gems. Because if not us, who else will pioneer our own art?

Patuloy tayong lumikha, gumawa, alamin ang kasaysayan at umibig sa ating kultura. Para sa sining at para sa bayan!

-James Harvey Estrada

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