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Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) as Dumpster Divers

Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) as Dumpster Divers

OFWs have sidelines abroad and it’s about diving through dumpsters. They are leaping into different large containers of trash to look for recyclable objects and free food to save money.

Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) as Dumpster Divers

Ever wonder what OFWs do aside from their work abroad or how they spent their day off? As seen from several YouTube channels, Filipinos overseas are diving through dumpsters. Three common reasons: food waste is a huge problem abroad, OFWs need to save more money, and there are other useful things to be recycled and profit from.

What is Dumpster Diving?

From the word itself, it is looking and jumping through piles of trash. OFWs from different sides of the world are sharing their experiences, they often start by preparing their protective gear such as gloves, rubber or plastic boots, and face masks. Initially, they would look inside the larger boxes and containers from loaded kitchen dumpsters of fast-food restaurants or bakeries. 

Filipino as thrifty and generous

Being a Filipino is tagged along with being resilient—which should not be romanticized—which leads to being thrifty. Being matipid or thrifty prepares Filipinos for the next unexpected events that would be costly. Filipinos find ways to recycle and get the most out of everything before tossing them into the trash. Evidently, this trait is visible in OFWs who are collecting and trying to distribute the freebies they got from dumpsters. 

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From free snacks, hygiene products, and house appliances, some of the divers found cash in bins. They would also look for merchandise items suitable for an ukay-ukay or thrift shop in their hometowns, for more income. 

Dumpster diving is a way to save money and the environment, but be careful and know the limitations. Some countries do not allow people to dig in and mix the garbages. 

Have you tried diving through dumpsters?

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