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Why ‘Hello, Love, Goodbye’ still hits different

Why ‘Hello, Love, Goodbye’ still hits different

Hello, Love, Goodbye perhaps is one of the most unforgettable contemporary Filipino films. It is the marriage of blockbuster earning and critical acclamation in an industry when the two cannot go together.

The story of Hello, Love, Goodbye tells about the whirlwind of romance forming between Joy, a domestic helper, and Ethan, a bartender. Together, they go on a rollercoaster of emotions as they hassle in the busy streets of Hong Kong.

Thanks to its story, cast, and promo, HLG is the highest-grossing Filipino film of all time with earnings of 880.6 million pesos. The critics also cite the film for its chemistry between characters and realistic storylines and dialogues.

Two years after its release, allow me to enumerate why I think HLG is now a Filipino classic film and pop culture icon.

A Different Pair

Star Cinema

Direk Cathy Garcia-Molina did a very good job of pairing Alden Richards and Kathryn Bernardo for the film.

HLG releases in a time when actors working with someone who is not their love team partner are defiant. Tradition in Philippine cinema dictates not to mess up love teams since they each have a large following. Messing and shuffling actors up could mean a boycott from loyal fans and uproar.

However, the pair works pretty well. Alden Richards finally unleashes his true talent in a good film. He connects easily to Kath and the audience. Alden’s eyes alone act with range along with his powerful delivery of lines. Kath also shows range through her variety of tones. She perfectly portrays that weary Joy.

Together they pull off that kilig factor whenever they are together. That pilyo smile of Alden compliments Kath’s suplada awra. And when they release those range of emotions, it radiates to the audiences the way real-life emotions can.

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A Different Plot

Sinehub/Star Cinema

The typical romance film in our country would either be a teen film, a classic Cinderella, or something cheesy.

But no, HLG is different. It’s not a boy meets girl story. The film offers to beg brave questions and tell real stories. What if someone comes when I am just about to leave? Is true love enough? Can love suffice the needs of my tummy and pocket? If I fall in love, then what?

Aside from its romantic aspect, HLG also serves as a glimpse of an OFW life. I love how it tackles how OFWs deal with budget problems, find love and establish rapport with fellow Filipinos. I find it sensible when my friend told me once that the film seems to be also an OFW documentary.

Making A Difference

Star Cinema

Hello, Love, Goodbye was not meant to be a blockbuster cash cow. It was meant to be a film telling a story, of the beauty of love. After all, if a film is really good, it will capture all walks of life, even the skeptics.

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