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My two favorite creators who feature probinsya-vibe vlogs

My two favorite creators who feature probinsya-vibe vlogs

During rest hours after a tiring day, watching videos on social media is what helps us relax. Some of us love watching mukbangs, make-up tutorials, vlogs, ASMR videos, and so much more. Meanwhile, there are two vloggers that I recently followed who have probinsya-vibe videos, especially in the kitchen – Kusinela and Kusinerong Biyahero. They have similar channel names and similar video content. Aside from that, they put in extra effort into making their videos which makes you want to visit your province right away. 

My two favorite creators who feature probinsya-vibe vlogs


Kusinela videos feature Filipinos’ simple, yet best dishes of all time. The first vlog I watched was when she prepared a Filipino breakfast which includes a fried egg, daing na tuyo (dried fish), sinangag (fried rice), and longganisa (sausages). She then partnered them up with steamed vegetables like okra, eggplant, and leafy greens, and put tomato with bagoong (fish paste) on the side. This is the top-tier breakfast Filipinos dream to wake up with every day.

She also features dishes that you mostly see during occasions like a fiesta. Some of these are Kare-Kare, Bicol Express, Rellenong Bangus, and Filipino fried chicken. What I love about Kusinela’s vlogs is that she’s helped by her family in preparing all those dishes, just like how it used to be in provinces. She also makes her cooking from raw ingredients, which makes it more healthy and organic.

Kusinerong Biyahero

Kusinerong Biyahero offers both travel and cooking content. Just like Kusinela, Kusinerong Biyahero cooks in a very provincial-vibe kitchen. He exhibits traditional and eco-friendly ways of cooking, in which he uses a wood stove, and most of his dinnerware is made of wood. His vlogs have this refreshing ambiance since you can see the flowers and trees around his kitchen.

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The most amazing part of his videos is when he just picks his needed ingredients like vegetables and fruits, in his garden. One of the things that we, city people, envy about people residing in the province. The best-watched cooking videos of Kusinerong Biyahero are Adobong Pinatuyo, Pork Sinigang, Humba, and Beef Pochero. Just like his channel name, he also features travel diaries. 

Make sure you subscribe to these vloggers, and for sure, your Filipino hearts will be full of their yummy vlogs!

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