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Must-have motorcycle items to keep you dry during the rainy season

Must-have motorcycle items to keep you dry during the rainy season

Rainy season or heavy rain is just around the corner. We’re about to experience slippery roads, potholes, stagnant water, corrosion, and other serious issues that surface during the rainy weather. It will not only affect and cause hassle to commuters, but it will also make it hard for other vehicles, especially motorcycles, to travel every single day.

We cannot stop using our motorcycles just because of the rainy weather. For some riders, it is their only way to commute around the metro. Before you hop into your motorcycle and ride thru the rain, it is important to have some precautions.

So, to make sure that you are safe despite the rainy weather, here are some items that you should have to stay dry in the wet.


It is very important for every rider to have their own quality set of raincoats. Raincoats are going to be your umbrella and protection against the rain. It will make sure that you will be dry and will also prevent you from catching colds and fevers.

You have to make sure that your raincoat is constructed from 100% waterproof polyurethane poly-nylon fabric. You also have to look for quality-made ones as you’re not just going to deal with water during the rainy season, you’re also going to deal with heavy winds. So, make sure that your raincoat won’t get ripped easily.

Another tip, you could also look for raincoats that have some sort of reflectors at the back. Visibility goes down when driving on rainy days. Make sure that you’re still going to be seen by other motorists despite heavy rains and winds.


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Gloves are one of the protective gear that is suitable in any type of weather. During the rainy season, it is important to have at least one pair of quality and if possible, waterproof gloves.

Riding thru continuous rain can make your grip handles wet and slippery. Wearing a quality waterproof glove with enough traction will prevent throttle mistakes caused by slippery and clammy hands.


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Let’s say you’re out on a ride wearing your favorite riding shoe. Then it started to rain. Nobody wants a wet shoe. It’s uncomfortable and it will definitely make your feet stink afterward.

Everybody loves their tinted helmet visors. And why not, aside from the protection that it gives from the sunlight rays, tinted visors look way cooler than clear visors. Except when it’s raining.

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This is why you need Boot rain covers. It’s basically like a raincoat, but for your feet and shoes. Rain covers are strong enough to stop rain and road spray all day and still pack small enough to carry along on every ride.


It is important to have an extra clear visor for your helmet that you can easily bust out during the rainy season. It’s hard to have clear visibility in your tinted visors during rains. But it is unsafe to take off your visors as well. Having clear visors allows you to still be protected and still have a bit clearer view.

Another tip. You can also try to buy a visor insert. What it does is prevent your visor from getting foggy due to water and the cold.

Riding in the rain can be quite fun. The cold breeze is definitely enjoyable when you are riding your motorcycle. But it will only be fun if you are still dry inside and is properly geared to ride thru the rains.

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