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5 reasons why you should watch Young Royals

5 reasons why you should watch Young Royals

Young Royals is not your typical teen drama. This Swedish LGBTQ+ teen drama series follows the story of the duty and love of Wilhelm. After getting into some trouble at a bar, the Queen sends Swedish Prince Wilhelm to boarding school. After that, he starts to feel out of place and intimidated by expectations.

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He only finds relief from the restrictions of this situation when he meets Simon, a charming and kind little boy. The developing romance between Wilhelm and Simon finally develops into one of the most expressive and in-depth love stories on LGBT+ TV.

The show manages to win you over after a well-paced six-episode first season because of its outstanding chemistry and insightful writing. You will be on the edge of your seat the entire time watching Young Royals.

Here are the 5 reasons why you should watch Young Royals

The casts look and behave like teenagers

Teenagers in media are frequently portrayed as being too mature for the characters that are given to them. As a result, their intended audience, teenagers, cannot relate to them on a deeper level. The characters of Young Royals, on the other hand, are far more unlike those since they behave and speak like teens.

In fact, Omar Rudberg (Simon) is 22 and Edvin Ryding (Wilhelm) is 18. Not only the major characters but the supporting actors who portray characters that act and make decisions like teenagers.

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In addition, the television shows and movies we normally watch hold us to an impossible standard of beauty. It disrupts the immersive quality that genuinely excellent TV provides in order to take us to other worlds which are related to our own.

The actors in this program, however, don’t try to hide their acne or rough skin, and voluptuous girls like Wilhelm’s friend, Felice, nobody makes fun of her because of how she looks. It’s essential for youth to witness that because it’s truly ground-breaking.

Similar to how the characters are described, they are youths with problems and irrational behavior. This gives the storyline a sincerity that is simply absent from the majority of teen romance media.

With what Young Royals did, viewers may identify with and readily connect with the characters’ personalities and actions. It’s admirable that the program normalizes physical differences and flaws that are uncommon in media. It’s refreshing to see the show’s casting.

The impeccable chemistry of the main leads

They are BL series and queer media, where the main leads are typically only physically appealing without any chemistry. The main actors in Young Royals are not only good-looking; they also have impeccable chemistry.

The most powerful and unforgettable parts are the snatched glances, the magnetic push-and-pull between Wilhelm and Simon, and how they connect. My heart melts every time I see their intimate, loving moments. 

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Additionally, aside from their contagious chemistry, the actors also have excellent acting skills. Because so many of the “major” scenes in Young Royals are improvised, it stands apart from other series.

Intimacy workshops took up a lot of Edvin Ryding’s (Wilhelm) and Omar Rudberg’s (Simon) time as they prepared for their parts. Due to their extensive time together, they have really grown to be the greatest of friends. The show definitely reveals how close-knit the entire cast is.

Touching and authentic story

Young Royals has a fantastic plot that is neither too slow nor too quick. It was a genuine and heartbreaking story that was well worth watching. It’s lovely to see how the main leads’ connections grow under such challenging conditions. Most importantly, Wilhelm has a very kind heart and does his best to combine his duties as a prince with his affection for Simon despite any choices.

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The themes are genius and multifaceted, including the difference between socioeconomic classes, the effects of peer pressure and parental expectations, and discovering one’s sexual orientation. Prince Wilhelm and Simon’s adorably slow-burning relationship is adorable. Probably one of the best bittersweet endings I’ve seen so far.

Balanced angst and fluttering moments

I adore the Young Royals because it sends my feelings on an emotional rollercoaster. This is one of the things that helps me finish it and fall in love with the program. I love the way the show alternates between sequences that begin heavy and end fluttering. Just enough of the show’s moments to leave you feeling anxious and heavy-hearted the entire time. On the other side, the program didn’t rely on emotional and heartwarming moments, yet it had enough of them to keep you watching.

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Additionally, the slowly developing relationship between the main protagonists is not the focus of the program. It catches the narrative of the wholesome, unsettling, and touching secondary characters. You will also enjoy the supporting cast members and how they add to the romance between Wilhelm and Simon.

It has excellent representations

One of the most admirable things Young Royals did was cast an actress with autism in the autistic role. Although Sara, Simon’s sister, has a complex personality and personality traits unrelated to her neurodiversity, they never dismiss or ignore her neurodiversity. Although it does influence her plot in the program, it never falls victim to stigma or stereotypes. What level of attention went into creating this character and portraying it on film is quite apparent.

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On the other hand, unlike what you may expect, Wilhelm’s sexuality plays a significant role in his plot. He is free to take his time discovering that aspect of himself and simply exist without having to right away defend himself. I truly liked how the show allowed the character to express himself. The fact that the show doesn’t identify his sexuality also makes it work.

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The connection between Wilhelm and Simon, which is eloquently presented, as well as the friendships and other dynamics taking place around them, serve as some of the show’s key plotlines. Additionally, while royalty and wealth make up a significant portion of the background, the program not only nails complexity and humanity with its characters but also touches on problems that are relevant to everyday life.

The show also discusses prejudice, addiction, self-identity and acceptance, female empowerment, and sisterhood. It also touches on hierarchy, social class, and economic standing. Additionally, it portrays a variety of body types, as well as societal and family pressure, among many others themes, naturally, without effort, and in a manner that fits the story effectively.

In a nutshell

The show Young Royal is so good because it depicts the characters’ reality that anyone can relate to. They are genuine and authentic in a variety of ways, including the cast, the story, and the range of characters that give the program its strength and appeal. As Young Royals was recently renewed by Netflix, I urge you to watch the first season. Thankfully, the Young Royals actually verified to return for a second season.

There are plenty of other reasons why you should watch Young Royals in addition to the five I listed. If you want to see a more accurate representation of teen drama, this program is ideal for you. You won’t be let down because it was so perfectly crafted.

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