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Gingham is the most timeless pattern ever, here’s the #1 reason why:

Gingham is the most timeless pattern ever, here’s the #1 reason why:

Recently, I wrote an article about minimizing luggage space and styling a dress in five different ways. The dress I used for that article features a gingham pattern that reaches down the knees. If there’s one tried-and-true print that screams timeless, for me, it’s gingham. That’s the reason why I used the said dress.

Gingham uses white plus one other shade. It makes a striking design that translates particularly well aesthetically. And, the way the colors are arranged, with the uncolored crossing against the other, a third shade appears which complements the other two. Aside from that, gingham contains cotton that feels really comfortable on the skin. 

Gingham is the most timeless pattern ever, here’s the #1 reason why:

Gingham is, and will always be, versatile. 


There are designers that use the pattern to evoke a type of nostalgia, especially when they style it in classic silhouettes. Although almost synonymous with the picnic tablecloth, the pattern has remained imprinted in the collective pop-culture memory via Dorothy’s blue gingham dress in The Wizard of Oz released in 1939.  It’s like seeing her pinafore dress in 2022 and still wanting to have it in your closet. 

There is even a modernized version of this that you can find everywhere. You can find a smocked gingham midi dress with puffed sleeves everywhere. Then, you can revamp Dorothy’s look with a pair of white sneakers, a white canvas tote bag, a pair of sunglasses, and gold accessories. 

In the past, the pattern is said to teeter on the line between naughty and nice. Gingham can be seen on school uniforms and babydoll dresses. Then, designers now spike the fabric’s wholesomeness by cutting the dress around the thighs and having thin straps for the sleeves.

You can pick up timeless clothing to go with the gingham dress. Of course, this includes black classic sunglasses, black leather bags, and a black leather jacket. Then, complete your outfit with a pair of black leather boots and accessories of your choice.


Aside from Dorothy’s dress, pinup fashion also featured significant red gingham dresses and skirts that 1950s women wear to work, school, and parties. They would have little poodle skirts underneath their dresses for a fun approach. And, of course, in the current trend, the red gingham dress is still in.

Although it has a different silhouette, it still has the same vibe. The dress has a structured bodice and flares at the waist. However, it ends at the thighs. You can still have the modern pinup vibes with a pair of white sunglasses, a red leather bag, and red platform heels. Then, you can accessorize with a red bandana for a nostalgic appeal.

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Modern western square dance became famous in the 1970s. Derived from various traditional European dances, it was first documented in the seventeenth century. Famously, women who would perform a square dance would wear a white peasant top and a layered yellow gingham skirt. 

However, yellow gingham is currently used for the cottagecore aesthetic. Also known as farmcore and countrycore, it has a romanticized interpretation of western agriculture life. People who dedicate their fashion style to this aesthetic usually wear naturally occurring or faded colors. These also include brown, baby pink, olive green, ivory, maroon, beige, ochre, dusty rose pink, light yellow, and baby blue.

Although the aesthetic became prevalent on social media, it became popular within lesbian and woman-loving-woman (WLW) communities. For the cottagecore outfit, a midi-length yellow gingham looks perfect. Then, you can wear your trusty Mary Janes and rattan purse. You can also wear gold accessories and a lace bow on your hair. 

Here are a few more gingham outfits that prove how timeless and versatile this pattern really is:

first date vibes

fancy dinner with the beau

to the beach-beach!

and, my favorite outfit of all.

Do you have a favorite gingham outfit that you wear all the time? Let us know!

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