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Cebu-based fashion designer Jann Bungcaras bares his spirit and story

Cebu-based fashion designer Jann Bungcaras bares his spirit and story

It was the childhood dream of Cebu-based independent fashion designer Jann Bungcaras to pursue the arts. As a kid, any form of it had placed a smile on his face. He was in high school when he started following his passion for designing by ways of extracurricular activities that involves art, performance and making clothes — which served as his escape from all the studying.

Jann & His Fashion Journey

A tragedy that caused damage in his body became the turning point for Jann to focus on fashion design full-time, “This phenomenon, inspired my first ever collection entitled Wanderings of a Child Prince presented during the Bench Design Awards 2018. It was inspired by Exupéry’s the Little Prince, as I related myself to the aviator who was reminded by a younger version of himself manifested as the prince of all the wonder he lost as he grew up.”

Jann is known for his Sustainable and Handmade Clothing which is getting noticed for its unique and stylish designs.

He is currently in the biggest Sustainable Fashion Competition worldwide as part of the Redress Design Awards, where international fashion designers compete against each other for recognition.

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His Icons

In an exclusive interview, Jann shared the fashion icons he looks up to.

“I am inspired by icons who took charge of their journey.”

First, being Alexander McQueen who was first a tailor’s assistant who persisted and did not take no for an answer until the dean of Central Saint Martins accepted him. Hardships like these make a person stronger and in his case different. I love his take on everything and how he constantly challenges the norm and society — putting up his vision first, saleability and even wearability next.

He also mentioned Viktor Horsting and Rolf Snoeren of Viktor and Rolf, Michael Cinco, and Rajo Laurel. Jann said he appreciated their beginnings and how simple introductions lead to where they are now.

An Inspiration

As a rising figure in the industry, Jann wanted to also inspire others and encourage those who want to pursue the same path he took. “I believe that everyone who wants to pursue fashion is talented, so my advice is this: be a weighing scale and weigh all the probabilities. Fashion relies most on zeitgeist, your relatability, saleability and connections. And to succeed in this industry, you must know the business side of it to stay afloat and grow.”

Furthermore, he reiterated to always trust one’s self as there’s no greater support system other than that.

Photo by Gerald Gloton

Assisted by Jericho Mojares

Styled by Jae Nelle

Grooming by Renz Guevarra

Assisted by Gerald Dimalanta

Models Justin Aniceto and Ken Marcelino

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“When I started, I know no one in the industry, but I thickened my skin and presented my designs, art and vision anyway. I advertised myself as a versatile artist, i did styling regionally, custom designs and fashion illustrations. Without prior experiences, I joined international art competitions online as well, until I got my first national launch during the Bench Design Awards.”

His Greatest Lesson

When asked about the greatest lesson he so far encountered along his journey, Jann reminds us to never lose the reason why we started doing what we love in the first place.

Photo by Jea Bungcaras

“The industry is overwhelming and often discouraging especially when we think we are not doing enough, and the fear of oblivion is always lurking behind every time a new month passes by without new work or projects. I say, we always need to count and be grateful for our blessings and keep chasing opportunities and use this reminder as a fuel for us to keep on going and striving. And while we do so, we must make sure to not step on other people on our journey forward and to always be kind no matter the circumstances.”

Photo by F. Yosores

Grooming by Janice Baring Daniel

To sum it up, Jann is a testament that to thrive in this industry you must not be afraid of failures, and the possibility that it would take you a longer time to be noticed, discovered or even contented as to what you have achieved.  He says your fashion calling is just around the corner. Life will be never be an upward line and time is an illusion, you can still pursue this even later in life.

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