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LOVE IN TOKYO: Understanding Irie Naoki’s POV Through Tsuki no Megami

LOVE IN TOKYO: Understanding Irie Naoki’s POV Through Tsuki no Megami

The Japanese Drama Mischievous Kiss: Love In Tokyo was released about a decade ago and yet we still feel KILIG with Kotoko and Naoki!

One reason the drama began to resurface on social media is thanks to a content creator. Hiding behind the username “Tsuki no Megami (@machitsuki)” on TikTok, the creator reveals an in-depth understanding of Irie Naoki’s point of view. It then prompted fans to rewatch the drama and focus on him this time.

Mischievous Kiss: Love in Tokyo is based on Kaoru Tada’s manga Itazura na Kiss. Honoka Yahagi (Kotoko Aihara), Yuki Furukawa (Irie Naoki), Yuki Yamada (Kinnosuke Ikezawa), and others starred in the drama.

The Plot:

Kotoko Aihara, a soft-hearted and not-so-smart student, notices Irie Naoki, Tonan High School’s smartest and most handsome student. After seeing him at a High School Entrance Ceremony, she began to admire his intelligence and gorgeous looks. Through a love letter, Kotoko gets an opportunity to convey her feelings to Naoki. However, Naoki rejects Kotoko, stating, “I don’t like dumb women.” since she belongs to Class F.

A “shooting star” severely damaged Kotoko’s house causing their life to change. Her father’s best friend invited them to reside in their home. Irie Naoki, who turns out to live in the same house, shocked Kotoko.

Tsuki no Megami’s TikTok Videos Explaining Naoki’s Viewpoint

The drama drew our attention to Kotoko Aihara. Fortunately, Tsuki no Megami encouraged us to start understanding Irie Naoki’s expressions other than his words alone.

Here are some of her videos:

MIND-BLOWN! After watching this Tiktok video, I realized how much I like the scene. Naoki’s shy request for coffee suggests he can’t get enough of Kotoko’s coffee taste. Plus, his facial expression changed after a sip of coffee.

Replying to @kissandcloudnine LET’S REVIEW THE FIRST KISS this is supposed to be an update for tomorrow but you guys are so supportive and I’m so flattered. I didn’t even expected this to blow up. I was just trying to edit my own interpretations here on tiktok but thank you algorithm and you guys for finding me. #naokiandkotoko #kotoko #naokiirie #naoki_kun #irienaoki #aiharakotoko #kotokoaihara #kotokoandnaoki #haokiandkotoko #loveintokyo #furukawayuki #honokamiki #mischievouskiss2 #mischievouskiss

♬ original sound – Tsuki no Megami – Tsuki no Megami

This video made me realize that Naoki’s sudden outburst was driven primarily by jealousy. Kin told him that he and Kotoko were about to kiss. Soon after, the confrontation scene between Kotoko and Naoki occurred. In public, they have the following conversation:

Kotoko: It’s true. It’s true that I had some help from Irie. I might have caused him a little trouble.
Naoki: A little?
Kotoko: I meant ‘a lot’. But the way you said it, You, cold-blooded man!
Naoki: But you love this cold-blooded man, don’t you?

You may argue that Naoki is simply being arrogant, but I believe this time is different. He wants to hear that Kotoko still loves him and that everyone would know it. Here is another proof he likes hearing it.

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Replying to @ave0330 HE LOVES HER MORE THAN SHE LOVES HIM and we just need to see it from a reserved introvert perspective We’re about to enter the NAOKI-GOT-IT-SO-BAD for Kotoko stage lol #naoki #kotoko #loveintokyo #mischievouskiss #furukawayuki #honokayahagi

♬ original sound – Tsuki no Megami – Tsuki no Megami

Naoki must hate being denied. Who doesn’t, after all? But do you know what the best thing I saw in the video is? His smile and the words imply the opposite. Naoki is not humiliating Kotoko in front of his family; he is making it clear that Kotoko loves him. If he hates Kotoko in the first place, he would clearly express it and would like to hear what Kotoko said (I don’t want you either.) However, he reacts and recites Kotoko’s love letter instead.

If this video piques your interest in Kotoko-Naoki, you might also enjoy Tsuki no Megami’s (@machitsuki) other videos. Who would have thought we would have time to understand Irie Naoki’s viewpoint? It took us years to learn that he doesn’t just communicate himself verbally. He communicates using his eyes and facial expressions.

Do you enjoy watching these videos? Follow Tsuki no Megami (@machitsuki) on TikTok now and let us know what you think.

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