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KDLex stars in new kilig series “Run to Me”

KDLex stars in new kilig series “Run to Me”

The new series “Run to Me” starring breakout loveteam Alexa Ilacad and KD Estrada is now available for streaming! Fans of the loveteam can now watch and enjoy as the two stars find themselves falling in love.

In this quirky and feel-good romantic drama series, Jewel and Wilson (Alexa and KD) find themselves in opposite situations. Jewel is a rich, well-known streamer who feels ignored by her mother. She is famous for her singing and make-up skills.

KDLex stars in new series "Run to me"
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Meanwhile, Wilson is a music streamer who struggles to gain popularity. He is also in a loving and close relationship with his mother who has leukemia. Because of this, Wilson has to work different jobs in order to help pay for medical bills.

The two will eventually meet and have their lives entangled when Wilson tries to be a hero in Jewel’s kidnapping, which she staged to get her mother’s attention.

Intrigued? here’s what you can look forward to in the hottest series of the month!

For fans of the KDLex loveteam, expect a lot of kilig moments with some sweet and corny lines sprinkled here and there as their relationship grows. You can also expect an amazing showcase of the loveteam’s chemistry in this series.

To add more to the hype, the series “Run to Me” is directed by Dwein Ruedas Baltazar who is well-known for directing films like “Gusto kita with all my hypothalamus” and “Oda sa Wala

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Meanwhile, aside from our anticipated leading actors, the cast of the latest series includes CJ Navato, Karl Gabriel, Margaux Montana, Henz Villaraiz, Matty Juniosa, Sean Tristan, and Haira Palaguitto. We can also expect veteran actresses Nikki Valdez and Malou Crisologo.

Right now, our guess is as good as yours when it comes to how the story will unfold. Aside from what the trailer showed us, the series remains a fun surprise to look forward to.

For those keen on watching the debut project of the KDLex tandem, “Run to Me” is now available on Kumu and iWantTFC. You can stream new episodes of the series every Saturday and Sunday!

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