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Junjun Salarzon might not be the ‘maasim’ girl you think she is

Junjun Salarzon might not be the ‘maasim’ girl you think she is

Junjun Salarzon is not always the maasim girl you watch from her Ramburat videos. She can also serve some serious IT GIRL visuals.

If you consume most of your time on TikTok, browsing random hilarious content. Then Junjun Salarzon (also known as Ramburat) must be one of those content creators you might have come across with. Her random videos on the app will surely send you giggles, because the influencer is a comedic genius. From cosplaying maasim or low-budget versions of different fictional and non-fictional characters. To creating some absurd yet entertaining skits (which includes her mom most of the times). He is indeed joining the viral internet stars club of the generation.

However, netizens have always associated her persona with maasim character. The usual persona she portrays in every content in her TikTok videos. But behind the maasim character that she is known for, Junjun can also deliver face, body, and some serious fashion moments. She’s unapologetically doing her own thing and remains iconic and legendary.

Brace yourselves for these iconic Junjun Salarzon visuals!

Junjun in her Barbiecore Barbielat

This 18-year-old internet star from Candon City, Ilocos Sur; embraces Barbiecore aesthetic and she is killing the game! Junjun Salarzon released Barbielat as her first-ever music video. Amassing 212k views on Youtube as of this writing. The MV showcased not only a pop-banger song that will surely get stuck in your head for days but also an array of stunning visuals courtesy of Junjun herself. She can also be a Main-Pop girl!

Junjun does not limit herself to creating a certain type of content like what most internet content creators do. She is unstoppable and unpredictable, she does and posts whatever pops into her mind that she felt like she needed to do and voila! She will surely send giggles and cackles to whoever is watching her videos.

According to her, boredom is what really pushes her to create such content.

“I just post online to entertain myself or share what I’m doing or what I’m thinking about, and film it kasi sumasakit po ulo ko pag hindi ko na tsismis ung thoughts ko emii, kasi I believe sama ng loob lang ang kinikimkim hindi tsismis. “

Junjun Salarzon loves some Prairecore Moment too!

Our girl Ramburat is giving us range! From the Barbiecore aesthetic to Prairecore with her ethereal visuals.

Moreover, Junjun appreciates her followers’ love for him and for what he does. Her fans still immensely buy her comedy gig despite it being silly and ludicrous. “I’m happy because they are enjoying what I post online even tho wala namang kwenta pinagpopost ko minsan huhu they still get my humor” he said.

Meanwhile, despite those people who appreciate what she does, there are still those who might think differently than what she expected. And here’s what she has to say:

If I get negative feedback I always reflect on it but if the negative feedback just radiates insecurity, hate and really has no point I just ignore them madalas pinapatulan po minsan kinukulam charingg.

A Fashion Girl

Furthermore, we can see her good taste in clothing and makeup, and an eye for a great fashion moment. Her photos uploaded on her social media accounts can vouch for that! So, we’ve rounded up her photos that exhibit her exquisite visuals and her alluring fashion moments.

And for the record, she does style herself and her own makeup too, making her a total IT GIRL who can do it all. She also shared how she started doing makeup when she was still a kid. She’d sneak into her sisters’ room and the rest was a magical moment for a little kid who had just discovered how to do makeup; later on, she developed her thing for it.

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Junjun Salarzon’s go-to glam pegs are mostly E-girl and soft-girl aesthetics. The Ramburat visuals would also not be complete without the staple eyeliner too.

MY FASHION ICON, there’s a lot actually! like Maddy Perez, Doja Cat, Lana Del Rey, Fka Twigs, and Bella Poarch but i have an ultimate favorite!! THE ONE AND ONLY MS MAMA GIRL ALEX CONSANI

She is a rich b*tch ninang and you can’t touch her! Junjun Salarzon is indeed not the maasim girl we know. She can also serve expensive and alluring visuals which makes her iconic and legendary!

Junjun’s message to her fans:

Wag nyo akong tularan! eme… I love you all just enjoy living, love yourself hindi selfish mag self love. mag slay lang kayo palagi pero wag mananapak ng ibang tao depende kung deserve. lovelangs! 

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