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Jerome Lee De Silva: Your Next Social Media Star

Jerome Lee De Silva: Your Next Social Media Star

A dream hoping to be fulfilled and conquered — Jerome Lee De Silva proves that it takes a big step to achieve the dream of becoming a star.

Jerome’s beginning as an influencer

Before becoming an influencer, he started as a basketball player. From cities to barangays he always challenges himself to compete and hone his skills because that’s what makes him happy.

I do really love basketball since I was 10, kahit nasusugatan ako laban parin ng laban.

Aside from basketball, people usually notice his looks and charming personality. Since then, he started to be an influencer, starting to make videos and releasing content in Reel App.

I started being an influencer about 5 months ago, one of my videos got viral.

Because of that, his following on social media started to grow and the overwhelming feeling of people appreciating him made him motivated.

Changes and lessons Jerome has learned in his craft

Just like any other influencer, Jerome is thrilled and happy that he is slowly reaching his dreams. There are also some exclusive benefits that he experiences in the industry—mall shows and event guestings. He also happily points out that there are instances when people recognize him in the park or in a mall.

“Medyo nakakataba ng puso na may nakakakilala sa akin,” he said

Jerome also mentions that one of the lessons that he has learned from being an influencer is to impart valuable knowledge to the youth and be a good role model to them.

Lagi kong sinasa-puso na iingatan ko ang lahat ng ipo-post ko at maging aware sa aking mga actions over social media.

He believes in this. Jerome does not want to hurt any feelings, especially his supporters who truly believe in his potential.

A message to his supporters & future career

Jerome humbly thanks everyone who believes in him from the start to where he is now. No words can describe how truly blessed he is with everything coming his way and all the knocking opportunities.

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There’s nothing I could ask for, yung sobrang solid na support nila ay labis.

Since he’s still at the beginning of his career, Jerome is determined to improve his craft and explore more things. He wants to reach his goals not just for himself but to help his parents that fully support and love him.

Jerome Lee De Silva — a guy gifted with so much charisma and charm, a determined son making his parents proud. He aims to prove to the world that he is the next social media star.

Words by Kenneth Peji

Photographer | Kenneth Ong
Grooming | Jean Carl Caag Padua
Wardrobe Stylist | Kenneth Ong
Designer | Ken Laluna
Location | Project Studio + Coffee Bar

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