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It’s Vinyl Record Day! Here are 4 fun facts about Vinyl Records

It’s Vinyl Record Day! Here are 4 fun facts about Vinyl Records

Today is August 12, Friday, and it is National Vinyl Record Day! Do you have a vinyl record player in your home? If so go get some spinning on it! Celebrate the day by playing music on your record player and showing some love to the discs. Also, why not take care and clean it for today? Clean your records, and store them properly. You know taking care of these and showing them some love can go a long way to prolonging their life.

The rustic scent of the player with music and records on the disc seems like a mood you would like to try to celebrate the last day of the week. Since the day is also celebrated, why not learn some things about it? Well, here are some fun facts about vinyl discs.

4 Fun Facts About Vinyl Records!

1. The World’s First 12-inch Vinyl Disc

Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony in C Minor, performed by the Philadelphia Orchestra, was the first ever 12-inch vinyl record. Imagine a 12-inch pizza, now change the pizza and imagine it as a vinyl disc. Yep, it is that big. The first 12-inch vinyl record came out in 1931 as the first long-playing record that became commercially available.

2. Voyager Spacecraft 1

What is a vinyl record doing in a spacecraft? You might be shocked at the idea of this but the reason for a vinyl record being inside the spacecraft is for communication. Communication for whom? Well, the records inside the spacecraft are there for any intelligent extraterrestrial lifeform to find for. The records contain images and sounds that would show the diversity and life here on Earth.

3. Biggest Vinyl Disc Collection in the World

Image Credits: Brazilian Rock

Who owns the largest collection? The owner of the collection is Jose Roberto Alves Freitas. He is a Brazilian businessman who has a huge amount of love and passion that is on what some may call borderline addiction to buy vinyl records. Jose owns an average of 6 million discs which were last counted back in 2016, who knows how many he has now? He even has 8 workers who take care of the discs he owns every single day.

4. The Best Way to Store Them is Vertically and not Horizontally

Follow what many collectors do, store them in an upright position. The pressure that vinyl records get when stored horizontally can risk the disc’s condition. To add, if there is an extra space in your storage that can risk the disc standing vertically to form a slant, place an object to avoid the slant position. The slant position can pressure the disc because of the force applied to the part that is resting.

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With how technologically advanced our world is today, vinyl records still get a huge amount of sales. It may be because of how many of us wanted to have a copy of our favorite artist’s music whether old or new they are, for the purpose of physical and sentimental value or usage, but it can also be a reminder of how we can just try to explore or reminisce about the rustic and chill vibe of owning and playing a vinyl disc in a record player


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