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INSTAGRAM RAID: #FamilyGoals with the Espantos!

INSTAGRAM RAID: #FamilyGoals with the Espantos!

Darren Espanto has been known for his overflowing charm and talent. With a snap, he could easily capture anyone’s heart with his promising moves and vocals. Tagged as the Total Performer and “Asia’s Pop Heartthrob” his star shines even brighter for he never forgets about his family.

Photo Credit: Nice Print Photography

You might have seen him jampacked with his work schedules from here and there being in demand as he is. But his family never gets out of his priorities. Seeing them would scream a lot of solidarity and genuineness.

Now, to get to know more about the Espantos, here are several times in which they proved that they truly give off that #FamilyGoals!

D’ Espantastic Family

Photo Credit: Nice Print Photography

Ever since Darren Espanto became a huge name in the Philippine music industry, he has been surrounded by a supportive family. His dad, Lyndon Espanto, and mom, Marinel Gonzales, and his adorable younger sibling Lynelle Espanto.

D’ Espantastic Sibs Bonding

Throughout the success of his career, his sister, Lynelle, is his most constant supporter. Ever since he has been very vocal about how much he loves his sister. Their bonding would be the cutest thing you might witness on the internet today. Not to mention his very bubbly and endearing sibling.

D’ Night Hangouts

Associated with the shining lights of the random nights, you would see the happiness on their faces spending the night out together. Their togetherness whether night or day is truly a thing to look forward to. Also, the shared photos of Darren would definitely make you wonder how was it going out on a night with the Espantos!


Who would not want to travel with your family, right? The Espanto family made sure to have complete attendance in all of their #EspantasticAdventures posted on Darren’s Instagram account. From camping to usual getaways, to nature hopping, and out-of-the-country travels, all of it were seen to be enjoyed by their family.

Winter Weather Together

As a child, it is almost everyone’s wish to experience winter for once. But, in these photos, the Espanto family showed how genuinely happy they were as they enjoy the snow in Canada. Wrapped up with their go-to OOTD winter outfits, they always kept it classy with their fantastic poses!

Holiday Season Slayers

Who would not be delighted with these photos of celebration? The good food and the good laughs are for keeps! Indeed, Espanto family celebrates their Holidays the best way they know how! This wonderful family kept everyone posted on how they celebrate together every year. Darrenatics would rejoice a lot to see how much happy Darren is in spending his Holidays every year.

We just can’t get enough of the Espanto Family. For sure, as Christmas is just around the corner, they would once again strongly bond this year with their Family Goals supremacy!

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