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Top 3 Darren Espanto songs that should be part of your chill playlist

Top 3 Darren Espanto songs that should be part of your chill playlist

What else could be better than accompanying yourself with a chill piece of music during a rainy season? If you have your go-to music playlist of chill songs with you, then you might want to add Darren Espanto’s songs to your list.

Photo Credit: @darrenespanto | Instagram

Darren Espanto has been known for his charismatic approach on the stage. As the total performer himself, now tagged as the “Asia’s Pop Heartthrob”, he also has his soft take on music. Some people might not be aware but Darren could also definitely pull off slow and chill songs with all his heart.

Here are my top three songs by Darren Espanto that showcase the chill side of his musicality:


“Time may pass us by, but you stay stuck on my mind…”

Who among you has not gotten LSS by these very iconic lines? As a Darrenatic myself, this song really screams a lot of nostalgia as it really stayed rent-free on my mind since then. Well, if it is your first time hearing about the song then rush to your music streaming platform and give it a listen. Way back in 2014 when this song was then released and became a hit.

Darren Espanto – Stuck | YouTube

Darren has been remarkable for his high notes as he started his career. But then, this song became a game changer for him. It gives off that chill vibe along with its very emotional lyrics. It was fascinating to hear Darren singing a slow song, which was really out of his usual genre’s league.

Years after it was first heard by the public, Darren had its stripped-down version. He performed the song at BYE 2020, a virtual year-end countdown, that served as the rebirth of the song. A much more emotional and mature Darren was witnessed in the said performance.

Darren Espanto – 7 Minutes x Stuck (BYE 2020 Performance) | YouTube

Sasagipin Kita

“Sasagipin Kita, sa gitna ng bagyo..” just hits differently for this rainy season! This chorus part would surely melt your heart in an instant.

Darren Espanto’s Sasagipin Kita was released year 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic. The song gives hope and was associated with a slow-phased melody. The song gives off so many emotions and reveals Darren’s vulnerability.

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Darren Espanto – Sasagipin Kita | YouTube

Sasagipin Kita was written and dedicated to those who had mental instabilities during the pandemic. Since all of us had our own battles and struggles during these challenging times, this song shed hope for anyone who listens to it.

Definitely, it would be a great addition to your chill playlist. With Darren’s calming voice, his take on “Sasagipin Kita” will literally save you from whatever struggle you might be dealing with.

Pabalik Sa’yo (Stripped Down Version)

Darren’s latest single “Pabalik Sa’yo” is the last but definitely not the least on the list. The song is about the other half of a relationship who kept coming back to the person despite the toxicity of the relationship. Also, Darren’s current sound in this song is such a breath of fresh air.

Darren Espanto – Pabalik Sa’yo (Stripped Down Version) | YouTube

The stripped-down version will give off such a way different vibe compared to its original. Far from its original tempo, the true meaning of the song was appreciated more. The pain, grief, and longing of the song were highlighted more in the stripped-down version.

Who would not get hooked on Darren’s chill songs? Will he be making this approach a new branding for his current music? That would definitely be something to look forward to!

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