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I know life can be hard, here are things you can do to revive your passion

I know life can be hard, here are things you can do to revive your passion

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There are certain factors why some of us lose our passion as we grow older. At some point in our lives, negative emotions and experiences affect our love for a certain thing. Moreover, it caused us to detach from what truly makes us happy, and what brings a smile to our inner child.

I know life can be hard, here are things you can do to revive your passion

There will be people who will doubt you, put you down, and belittle you because they don’t believe you. However, the last time I checked, no one can limit you because you’re the one who knows what to do. Take that as a chance to make yourself happy.

Moreover, some passions don’t include money. Some of it only requires talent and dedication, like people who are passionate about art. That’s why there are some who like to dictate others to “choose practically”. This is where unsupportive peers may come from.

Furthermore, when you surround yourself with unsupportive people, you may lose your burning passion and your sense of self.

In that case, close your ears and listen to what your heart says. Yes, you may take ideas and constructive criticisms. However, there will be some people who will speak out of hate. Save your passionate heart from that. Moreover, you know yourself too well and you know where your capabilities can lead you.

Reviving your passion may take a long time because you will start again from zero. However, be patient with yourself and care for your mental health more. Eat healthy, try to do something productive, and get enough rest.

Moreover, try to get in touch with the inner child that wants you to do your passion again.

Getting in touch with your inner child means going back where you can experience nostalgia. According to Dr. Krystine Batcho in an interview for American Psychological Association, being sentimental helps in strengthening a person’s identity and sense of self.

In that way, you can also revive who you truly are, and your passion may come after. Upon strengthening our sense of self through nostalgia, we can have a clearer vision of “who we want to be in the future“.

Now that we have our “sense of self” back, it’s time that we practice doing the things that we love the most.

In all our phases, we can connect with old eras of our lives that we may have archived as we grow older. Furthermore, having nostalgia already has that mental ability to retrieve our lost self and passion.

Little by little, try practicing your passion to get it back. Keep doing better and learn from others who has the same interest as you.

To conclude, you do not necessarily lose your passion. It’s still within you . You just have to get in touch with your inner child, and reinvent yourself to reinforce your passion better!

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