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INSTAGRAM RAID: Heart Evangelista defying her own luxurious lifestyle

INSTAGRAM RAID: Heart Evangelista defying her own luxurious lifestyle

Known for her luxurious lifestyle, Fashion Queen Heart Evangelista is truly a walking gem. Whatever she does, be it eating something, or dressing up, she always does it with elegance. Given her economic status, it is quite normal to see Heart living the luxurious life everyone desires for. But despite living her life with zest, she still can not escape the side comments her followers give her.

And even her IG posts can not escape the public eye! Though Who would not get excited whenever Heart posts something that is not beyond our reach? Even I myself would make it a big deal, of course! Besides It is very rare to see this fashion queen consume something that is not in any way scream luxury. And without further ado, here are some IG posts where Heart defies her own luxurious lifestyle.

Red Ribbon for the win!

“Let’s face it, a nice creamy chocolate cake does a lot for a lot of people; it does for me.” — Audrey Hepburn

Finally, there are still some things Heart consumes which we can afford as well. Be it an endorsement or not, at least we know we can afford this Black Forest Cake of Red Ribbon.

Tea Talk time

Who knew that milk tea is one of Heart’s beloved beverages? Her fans of course are again delighted with the fact that we, as commoners, can afford it as well.

Sari-sari Store Shopping

A millionaire of her own is shopping from a sari-sari store. What more could we ask for? Finally, we are at our point in our lives where we feel that Heart is on our level, or us on her’s. Nonetheless, this says so much about her not forgetting where she came from.

PureFoods Corned Beef

It is not Delimondo, not even Argentina. These two brands do not come close. And with her money, she can afford the best corned beef brand in the world. But she still comes back to her favorite local brand – PureFoods.

Shin Ramyun Noodles

And last from this list is everyone’s all-time favorite Shin Ramyun Noodles. And even Heart could not resist what this treat brings to the table.

Heart Evangelista may be out of our reach, but there are things we share in common with her. She may be a millionaire but she still knows how to appreciate all the little things in life. And she does not forget how to connect with her fans. Her elegant life, and her modest behavior are what connect her to her supporters. Heart is not afraid to defy her luxurious life. And with that, it makes me adore her more.

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