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INSTAGRAM RAID: Booya as Our Gorgeous Morena Goddess

INSTAGRAM RAID: Booya as Our Gorgeous Morena Goddess

In my search for finding complete swatches for different morena-friendly local brands, I have come across Booya’s YouTube channel. Her channel features makeup swatches, beginner-friendly makeup tutorials, makeup reviews, and various hauls. And what is so likable about her channel is her thorough breakdowns and commentaries on each brand she reviews. Her videos are beginner-friendly and, of course, morena-friendly as well.

As a magnificent morena skin-toned vlogger and makeup artist, she has provided us, Filipinas, a great inspo for strutting our natural color. And beyond her makeup videos on YouTube, as the artist that she is, Booya provides us with great visuals. Let’s get a glimpse into her IG profile to get to know her more.

Get to know Booya, the morena makeup goddess, even more!

Photo Credits | @makeupbybooya via Instagram

Who is she?

Though she’s very active on her Instagram and YouTube accounts, very little personal information is known about Booya. However, in one of her YouTube videos, she revealed a few things you might want to know about her. First, were you wondering where she got her name, Booya?

According to the video, Booya is a monicker she got from a friend from high school who calls her the name as a form of endearment. In the same video, she also reveals how she dreamed of becoming a detective when she was younger. This dream was inspired by the teenage fictional detective, Nancy Drew.

An Amazing Makeup Artist

Of course, as she goes by the username makeupbybooya and her contents usually feature makeup content, she is, in fact, a professional makeup artist. Through her creative skills, she is known to do a wide variety of makeup styles. These include beginner-friendly makeup looks, creative makeup looks, and more.

One of Booya’s proudest life moments is when she got to be one of the main makeup artists for the Filipino film, My Perfect You. Here, she had the honor of having to do makeup for Pia Wurtzbach, who starred in the movie which marks her first-ever movie project.

Embracing her natural color

We all love a Filipina woman who’s proud of her natural morena color, and Booya is just the perfect embodiment of that. Creating makeup looks that perfectly accentuate the Filipino skin, Booya embraces her being a morena through her art of doing makeup.

Here’s a shot from 2018 where she struts a natural summer look which accentuates her morena beauty even more!

Hands-on in Tutoring

In almost all of her YouTube videos, Booya often reminds her viewers how she’s open to makeup and beauty questions. She constantly mentions how her DM section is available 24/7 for anyone who had beauty inquiries. Isn’t she just great?

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She’s also a Great Artist!

Look at the wonderful drawings she shared on IG! Aren’t her artworks just fabulous? Booya just never runs short of showing off great talents! #Blessed

Queen of All-inclusive Makeup Content

Finally, to top it all, Booya makes her makeup content all-inclusive! Not just limited to morenas, she also makes sure to invite some of her friends who have a different skin tone from hers. So you get a good idea of which makeup really suits you well!

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