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Help Save the Planet with Watsons Sustainable Choices

Help Save the Planet with Watsons Sustainable Choices

With the growing number of people who are aware of the ongoing environmental challenges that we face such as climate change, brands such as Watsons made it a point to listen, research, and adapt in their own way. Thus, Watsons created the campaign SUSTAINABLE CHOICES.

Launched to promote products that will fit into customers’ sustainable lifestyles, Watsons hopes to create a ripple effect that would make people inspired to do the right thing for themselves, and for everyone to keep making sustainable choices in their daily lives. 

Sustainable Choices will help customers “Look Good. Do Good. Feel Great” and in the process, reduce their environmental footprint as the retailer puts sustainability at the core of brand development and sourcing, from packaging to ingredient choices.

These aim to help shoppers make Sustainable Choices by providing them with better options, including Clean Beauty, the use of Better Ingredients, and Better Packaging and Refilling, as part of a long-term commitment to protecting the environment anchored on four pillars-Community, People, Customers, and Planet.

Clean Beauty

Carrying a wide range of Clean Beauty products available at affordable prices, the store’s Clean Beauty products contain better ingredients sourced responsibly with an eye toward sustainability.

These products don’t contain ingredients like Hydroquinone, Triclosan, Quaternium-15, Chloroacetamide, Triclocarban, Phthalates, O-phenyl phenol, Borates, Methylene glycol, and Microplastic beads.

Furthermore, Watsons Philippines recognizes brands and products carefully created to benefit consumers, the community, and the planet.

For a list of Clean Beauty products, check this out https://www.watsons.com.ph/clean-beauty

Reuse & Refill 

Watsons Philippines believes in reusing so it will make refill packs available for purchase.

They can reuse the original containers of shampoos, conditioners, lotions, and other personal care products, enabling them to create a habit that helps reduce waste going into landfills.

With over 8 million tons of plastic being thrown into the ocean every year, the retailer is taking a proactive stand in the use of less plastic and choosing better plastic for packaging. 

Better Ingredients 

70% of beauty products contain palm oil and its derivatives.

With its yield being far better than any other crop, there is no way to remove it from formulations.

The problem with palm oil is that it is extremely harmful to the environment.

Watsons Philippines is committed to sourcing, offering, and promoting the best possible product options.

Products sold are made from ingredients that are sustainable and responsibly managed such as Sustainable Palm Oil. (Roundtable for Sustainable Plan Oil/RSPO-certified).

Moreover, putting systems in place to promote sustainable palm will lead to less deforestation, a more sustainable health & beauty industry. 

Better Packaging

Biodegrading of plastic bottles takes 450+ years, while plastic bags take a grueling 20+ years, adding grave impact to the environment.

Watsons Philippines promotes products packaged in recycled containers by encouraging the use of 100% sustainable paper packaging.

The packaging comes from sustainably and responsibly managed forests and plantations or using bio-based or post-consumer recycled plastics.

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In stores, it has been encouraging shoppers to refuse single-use plastics wherever they go.

Instead, bring their reusable shopping bags or use eco-friendly totes.

Look Good, Do Good & Feel Great with sustainable choices 

“Sustainable brands and products recognized by Watsons should go beyond ingredients that make users beautiful inside and out.

They must also uphold ethical business practices and encourage initiative in buying and sourcing ingredients.

These brands should also look toward minimizing waste in their supply chain as well.

And where and when possible, we are also looking at their use of packaging and their recycling and upcycling programs.

Really, it’s rallying our partners and suppliers to Do Good with us,” said Viki Encarnacion, Watsons Public Relations and Sustainability Director.

Do Good Acts

Watsons believes beyond its customers; everyone can make an impact by making simple sustainable choices every day.

Embodying the “Look Good. Do Good. Feel Great” ideology helps us all ensure that our planet looks good for future generations by doing good today and every day!

Lastly, for more information, you may visit https://interactive.watsons.com.ph/sustainablechoices.

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