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(G)I-DLE Soyeon is the ultimate K-pop icon and here’s why

(G)I-DLE Soyeon is the ultimate K-pop icon and here’s why

From failed auditions to the rap lioness she is today, (G)I-DLE leader Jeon Soyeon conquers the K-pop industry in full-blown. As a true ace with a passion for social change, she makes a revolutionary mark as an ultimate female K-pop icon.

GIF | (G)I-DLE (Tomboy)

(G)I-DLE Soyeon is the ultimate K-pop icon and here’s why

It’s neither man nor woman. It’s just her, Soyeon. Cube Entertainment’s (G)-IDLE paved the way as one of the most successful 4th generation girl groups. From their scandalous and controversial songs Oh my god, Tomboy, and Nxde, they have proved themselves to be a catalyst of feminism and women empowerment in the Korean idol industry. While the members are known for their rebellious personalities, their success would not be possible without the work and talent of Jeon Soyeon.

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The 24-year-old leader and main rapper have exhibited great performances since appearing in Produce 101. While she did not get to debut as a member of I.O.I., the universe gave her a much better and liberating opportunity with (G)I-DLE. Aside from her on-point rap lines and powerful vocals, Soyeon is also called an ace of the group. The girl truly has no limits when it comes to musical talent as she shows the world how impactful her abilities are as a producer and songwriter.

Soyeon, the rap goddess

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One thing you should learn about Soyeon is never to mess with her. Others would probably argue that she is not the best among all female K-pop rappers. I mean, there is Blackpink’s Kim Jennie and Mamamoo’s Moonbyul. But, have you all watched her video doing a freestyle rap on the spot?

Soyeon impressively chooses violence by spitting bars and wit. She mind-blowingly improvises her piece and still ends up slaying on stage. On the other hand, she does not hit the audience with mere empty words, she also always makes sure she is making a thought-provoking point.

Soyeon, the mic drop queen

Photo | Jeon Soyeon (Beam Beam)

What award are you planning to give us this year, MAMA? You know who we are, the syndrome of the year. We reject made-up awards.

She does not disappoint the fans at the recent 2022 MAMA awards as she rocked their stage performance with a mic-dropping diss against the said award show. The fact that it is rare for artists to call out award shows makes this moment historical. And funnily enough, the girls did win the Favorite Female Group award right after.

While many were disappointed and called the performance rude, others praised Soyeon for only speaking the truth. Many even recalled the time G-Dragon also dissed MAMA for the reckless distribution of awards in 2014.

Soyeon, the insightful and hardworking producer

(G)I-DLE would not be the girl crush group it is today without Soyeon’s genius producing and songwriting skills. Moreover, Cube will not be as successful without its award-winning ace idol. They owe it to the talented leader’s hands-on management throughout the production process. From songwriting and music production to concept planning, Soyeon ensures everything is executed the way she and her members want it to.

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Even if they seem rebellious by going against the rules, (G)I-DLE never fails to amaze their fans with such bravery and dedication to their music. Not only do they produce great and catchy tunes, but they promote advocacies in their songs as well. Soyeon may look strict and serious as a boss, but she never misses an opportunity to make an impact on the world. Thus, she never sugarcoats. She only speaks pure facts that need to be heard and amplified.

Soyeon, the bad-ass feminist

Speaking of impact, what truly sets them apart from other groups is their willingness to break gender norms. Although there are several female idols already doing this, (G)I-DLE has a much bolder way of promoting feminism.

Aside from its already obvious theme, Nxde is meant to block out child pornography in Korean search engines. Their group name G-Idle means “little girls or children” in Korean. Soyeon settled on the disconcerting title to bombard perverted pedophiles with content regarding their new song.

Once you type nude, inappropriate things will show up. I wanted to get rid of all that.

(G)I-DLE’s Soyeon is defining her music in her own terms. I would also love to see other idols push for the same thing. Imagine if there are more impactful K-pop songs out there that not only focus on sugarcoated self-love and cutesy romantic expression. With such gifted abilities and push for change, it is no wonder why many see her as one of K-pop’s ultimate icons.

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