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Get your hands on these aesthetic, functional double-walled glasses

Get your hands on these aesthetic, functional double-walled glasses

Ready to be mouth blown? Walled.ph offers a wide variety of double-walled glasses that are crafted expert artisans for you to enjoy your beverages the way you should be.

via @walled.ph

Popularity of double-walled glasses

Since insulated tumblers have been quite a thing lately, double-walled glasses are now gaining the rave it deserves as it provides function and aesthetic to its consumers.
Yes, they’re the kind you see on every influencer’s feed and stories and they really are worth its hype!
“I’ve always been in the marketing side so I took the opportunity to learn more about it online. For me to apply all that I have learned, I figured I needed to create a brand. This is when walled came to mind.”

via @walled.ph

Quality and affordability

Walled.ph saw the demand for these type of products and noticed how they are priced highly at most stores. Determined to make it more accessible to Filipinos, they sourced practical yet functional double walled glass to sell.
“I came across double-walled glasses online, and it did interest me. [I] started doing my research – production, import procedures, suppliers, etc. [I] found well-known brands selling double-walled glasses around Php 700 and above and it made me think of ways I can sell it at a cheaper price without compromising its function and quality. [I] wanted to build an affordable brand and something that is ideal to use every day and at the same time give positive vibes at home.”
The pandemic had pushed us to be plantitas and start on personal projects at home such as decluttering and decorating. Most of us are also improving on themselves by working out and practicing their passion, but there are others who aim to get by and somehow just feel good.
“This pandemic may have turned our lives upside down but I thought, why not think of ways on how we can keep a positive mindset- spread good vibes to others rather than ranting out on social media.”
With every glass, Walled.ph promotes not just functionality but positivity as well. They want their customers to feel happy with every purchase and appreciate the little things in life that keep us going.
Ranging from P180 to P580, you can already get your hands on the most eye-candy mugs on the internet we’ve seen! If you’re into minimalist and sleek designs, Walled has got you covered!
Check this link for their pricelist and visit their feed to select the perfect glass for you.
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