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Four tips to have hydrated and smooth skin!

Four tips to have hydrated and smooth skin!

We live in the Philippines. And, sometimes, due to the tropical climate, it makes our skin dry. The heat increases water loss from the body which leads to dehydration. It tends to mean more sweat, more oil, and speedier skin cell production. This can cause the skin to feel irritated. So, we have to make sure to hydrate our skin and keep water levels topped up. 

So, here are four tips to have hydrated and smooth skin:

Add hydration to your skincare routine and everything else.

Hydrate. That’s one word that we will keep using in this article. Every product in your skincare routine should have some element that adds to the moisture levels of your skin. Your cleanser shouldn’t have acids. It should contain hyaluronic acids and oils without stripping your skin. Aside from that, the serum that you usually use should contain peptides and vitamins E and C that aims to moisturize. That way, your skin looks supple and soft. Make sure your skincare aims to hydrate.

Increase liquid and water intake.

Of course, aside from hydrating skincare products, you should also have a diet that aims to hydrate your skin. Drink plenty of water as it especially benefits dry skin. Unsaturated omega-3 fatty acids are the best fats to eat. Apricots, carrots, and bell peppers (yellow and red) indicate high levels of beta-carotene, a precursor of vitamin A. 

Biotin, also known as vitamin B7 or simply vitamin H, helps out with the hydration of your skin. Good sources include egg yolk, oat flakes, salmon and herring, tomatoes and spinach, dairy products, bananas, walnuts, nuts, and seeds among others.  Basically, you have to make sure your diet aims to hydrate.

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Less hot showers.

A hot shower can be relaxing. However, during a hot shower, your body temperature starts to rise. Then, our body reacts by sweating. The longer you spend under the hot water, the longer you keep sweating as your body tries to cool itself down. And, you actually begin to dehydrate. So, lessen the hot showers and opt for either warm or cold ones. 

Blot your skin dry.

When you swear, do not drag a wipe or a cloth over your face. Blot it dry. When you finish showering, do not rub your towel over your skin. Blot it dry. Blotting keeps the moisture locked into your skin. And, it will surely continue to make you look hydrated.

Hydrate your skin to look and feel your best!

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