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Five Albums to Listen to When You’re Experiencing Burnout

Five Albums to Listen to When You’re Experiencing Burnout

Our brain and body can only handle feeling overworked and overwhelmed for so long. Burnout is an excruciating and dreading thing to experience. Exhausted, sluggish, and even simple tasks feel overwhelming to complete— it’s just like everything is too much. Understandably, we have different ways of coping up and passing through this type of slump in our lives. Music could be one!

According to Penn Medicine News, listening to and playing music have been shown to have a number of physical and mental benefits, including helping people cope with burnout. Music also reduces cortisol levels, helps with sleep, and even reduces depression. Talk about the power of music!

Now, if you’re looking for a track to alleviate or fix the burnout inside you, we could be of help! Whether you want to linger or have a senti moment or you want to dance it away, we got you covered!

For your Burnout Playlist, here are five albums that you should listen to when you’re burnt out:

Solar Power

Lorde’s third album is a collection of hazy hippy songs that offer blissful introspections about our attachments and detachments to the world. The superstar has always been known for her sappy songs about love and youth, but with Solar Power, she has finally broke free from the mold and resorted to trippy 1960s beach vibes. She captures the ambiance of a psychedelic summer—which means it’s perfect for relaxation and rest.

In the title track, she sings in glee “Come on and let the bliss begin!” The joy could bump you out of a slump. But if you’re looking for songs that are more introspective and reflective, you can try The Path and Oceanic Feeling. In Fallen Fruit, she sings “We had no idea the dreams we had were far too big.” Now if that doesn’t perfectly capture a burnout for you, I don’t know what else will! Solar Power is perfect for a burnout rest.

And In The Darkness, Hearts Aglow

Weyes Blood’s fifth album offers a bleaker record for those who are tired. It’s understandable sometimes that we just want to take a senti for a while before heading back again to our paths. Lingering and feeling the tiredness within us is a valid move—we’re just human. From the name itself, And In The Darkness, Hearts Aglow offers a hand to make you feel things properly. The album makes you feel that even in the darkest times, we still have our burning dreams inside us, glowing. We just need a reignition!

The album offers a lot of reflection. In Children of the Empire, Weyes Blood sings about how we’re all lost, asking questions like ‘How much can you take?’ and ‘When are we gonna be okay?’. She commands us to “gain control of what we made instead of being afraid.” In It’s Not Just Me, It’s Everybody, she tells that we are not alone with our exhaustion or burnout because it’s collective. On the other hand, in God Turn Me Into a Flower, she just wishes to be a flower because everything is tiring. Just from the title of the songs, you can already catch feelings that would depict how you feel. Representation of emotions matters!

Retired From Sad, New Career In Business

Retired From Sad, New Career In Business is such a telling title for an album. In her sophomore album, Mistki encapsulates a rollercoaster of sadness and glee, wrapped in one ride. It’s about battling disappointments and learning how to be contented amidst all. In her own words: “It’s like I’m now in my 40s, living on a farm in California, and enjoying the fruits of my labor, but sometimes I get sad too. That’s how this album feels.”

Mistki might have probably created her saddest song with the Class of 2013. In the song, she pleads and asks her mother “Mom, am I still young? Can I dream for a few months more?” It captures the fear of being a disappointment—a universal thing to feel over our parents, especially in burnout. But in Strawberry Blond, she lightens the mood with a joyful love song. It says “I love everybody because I love you.” It’s a rollercoaster of emotions, perfect for reflecting and easing a tired soul!

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Filipino band Never The Strangers crafted a perfect sophomore album in the form of Screenburn. The 12-track album contains meditative ballads about romance, heartbreaks, dreams, and most importantly, hope. The band’s sensibilities manifested in the perfect outing of instruments, righteously matched with lyrics full of wisdom and life. The album feels so lively, and it would undoubtedly bring life to any listener’s sleepy soul too.

In the intro song The Light, the band tells the listeners that there is more to life than staring at computer screens and running in reverse, we just have to find the light. In Mundo, they tell us that the world is ours. On the other hand, the track OK is the most descriptive song for burnout. “Kung usok na lang ang natira sa sunog mo / Wala ka nang gana / Sumubok at mabigong muli,” they tell us. In the energetic chorus, they shout “OK lang sumuko minsan!”—to me, that is enough to validate any exhaustion I feel.


Contrary to the formerly mentioned albums, Confidence Man’s Tilt is not a lyric-driven album, instead, the beats highlight more the album’s power. It’s not a sappy album, it’s a dance and runway album. And sometimes, that’s just all we need to do in order to shake out our burnout: dance or walk like a model! The album lends a hand in feeling all our oats and giving confidence. For Tilt, any situation could be a party!

The intro track Woman serves as a women empowerment dance track. At the beginning of the song, the female vocalist declares “Don’t call me the spark, I’m the fire!” and then heads on to give us a sick dance beat. In Relive the Pressure, the phrase “I relieve the pressure!” is repeated endlessly, matched with joyous and hyper beats that could urge anyone to a breakdance. Could burnout stand a chance with these upbeat songs? I don’t think so. It’s already in the title: Relieve the Pressure!

Do you have a favorite burnout album? Let us know!

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