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Here are six things I did to overcome feeling burnout

Here are six things I did to overcome feeling burnout

Do you usually feel physically and mentally exhausted? Do you feel like you have so much to do that you just can’t seem to get it done? You must be feeling burnout. Burnout is defined as a prolonged period of stress that feels unrelievable.

I started feeling burnout when the pandemic started. And because I was only at home, I didn’t have any interaction outside but only with my family. Every morning I wake up; I feel as if the scenarios of the day are repeating themselves. Just over and over again. I don’t know how to fix myself. I don’t want to ask for help because that’s not me. I’d rather do it all myself than ask for help.

Then it suddenly hit me—that if I continue being like this I will come to the point where this feeling is okay with me because I’m used to it.

These are the ways I have come up with to fight burnout that may also help you;

Make sure to take a rest

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Never underestimate the power of resting. Also, remember to pay attention to your body; it will tell you when you need to take a break. And when I say rest, I don’t just mean physically but also mentally. In my case, even though I have a lot of things to do, I make sure to take a rest. Since my brain doesn’t work well when I feel very tired.

Discover a new hobby

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Try doing things you haven’t done before. Explore. Discovering a new hobby is a hard thing to do since you don’t know where to start, but eventually, you will feel the fun and excitement of doing it.

I love to write. I even draw sometimes. The two things I enjoy doing keep me sane until they don’t. I don’t enjoy them anymore. So, I explored a potential hobby. Then I came across painting, and it gave me a different feeling of joy. When I paint, the brush strokes I do make me joyful. Now, I always make sure to paint whenever I have free time.

Talk to a friend

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Reconnect. Stress can be reduced by interacting and bonding with friends. They provide us with a fresh perspective on life. Additionally, it is not a healthy decision to isolate yourself. Having a friend who gives you the confidence to express yourself, supports your mental health, and helps you decide on the best course of action.

The secret to maintaining oneself is having a strong support system. However, if you feel uncomfortable opening up to a friend don’t push it.

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Setting goals and plans

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Goals keep us focused on what we want to achieve. It also keeps us motivated. You don’t have to rush to accomplish your goals either. Life goes through several stages. Never compare the goals you are working toward with what others have achieved.

Cutting ties with people

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In love, when someone you love doesn’t love you, let go. It’s the same with friends; if they don’t support you, you should cut them off. You don’t need a friend who would drag you down in order to prevent you from achieving your goals. If you know you’re not content with what you’re doing at work, leave. However, as I have said, make plans and goals. Before making a meaningful choice, be certain that you have a plan.

Be kind to yourself

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You are important in everything. Never put yourself second. Self-love helps put things in perspective and counteracts negative, critical self-talk. Self-love motivates you to continue forward and learn from your mistakes, even if they are the cause of your difficulties. By doing this, you strengthen your emotional fortitude and get yourself ready for difficulties down the road.

Dealing with burnout is a very long process. You can’t fix it overnight. However, with small steps and determination, you will be surprised at the amount of your change!

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