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Here are the things I missed during face-to-face classes:

Here are the things I missed during face-to-face classes:

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, things became different and odd for everyone. Traditional face-to-face learning became online learning. Schools became empty and streets fell silent. As a student who always finds schools a place to wander and explore, everything turned upside down. I believe there are things that you can only learn when physically attending a class in colleges or universities. However, due to the crisis that we are currently experiencing, we have to endure this. Our situation today made me realize that I took things for granted. Oh, how I wish I could go back in time to fill the gaps of missing the life of a student before the chaos.

So, here are the things I missed during face-to-face classes:

The crowded hallways, noisy classrooms, and long lines.

I miss the times when a class would end, I would get out of the classroom and I would be faced with jam-packed hallways with students scattered everywhere. Of course, this would include the long lines in the school entrance,  registrars, and the bus terminals. Even the laughs, chitchats, petty fights, and even the tough week I’ve had with my friends. The pandemic has really changed these things. I could never imagine that I would miss these due to the fact that I was annoyed with them before.

Celebrating after a tiring day with your colleagues

This is one of the things we can’t do now after having online classes. The simple celebration and a rewarding moment after a tiring day or week that you survive together. Whether it’s a fast-food chain, turo-turo outside the school, or even in a small eatery, we can’t replace these priceless moments.

Break times with your friends

Perhaps, we all experienced an undecided situation with our friends on where to eat. The planning and the choices you’ve made but you just end up at your school canteens. Yet, you all enjoy your break times together.

School events and activities

Of course, schools won’t be complete without events and activities. Some of these are intramurals, musical fest, foundations, fun runs, or even physical education times. Where you need to complete your run on the field, perform dances and execute sports activities.

Spending your vacant or free time

One of the unforgettable memories you’ve had in school happens during this time. Either you were able to complete your tasks and assignments. Or it’s jamming and quality time with your friends. You don’t know where to stay so you just sit everywhere as long as you’re with them. Waiting together for your next subjects.

We all know how precious and important little things are until its gone. So, if I would be given a chance, I would do it again. But this time, I won’t take it for granted so I have no regrets.

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