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Does the tissue method in white sneakers really work?

Does the tissue method in white sneakers really work?

Everyone of us struggles in maintaining our dearest white sneakers as clean and as white as possible. It is a tough task, to be honest. White sneakers usually get dirty easily if you wear them out, or they will turn yellow if you stock them in the shelves.

Another annoying thing is after you clean them out, they’ll develop yellow spots. This is actually a common theme for white canvas sneakers.

A popular way of removing yellow spots from our white sneakers is by using the “tissue method.” You’ve probably seen this some sort of “hack” all over the internet. Question is, how does it work and is it really effective?

The tissue method is fairly easy to do. You just have to grab a bunch of tissue papers or tissue towels, some water and your white sneakers filled with yellow spots. You also want to make sure that your sneakers are already clean and dry.

After that, gently wet the tissue papers and put it on top of the yellow spots in your white sneakers. Do this repeatedly until your sneakers looks like a “mummy” and is wrapped around with tissues. Place them in a corner AWAY from the sunlight. You have to make sure that they’re not going to be hit by a direct sunlight. Just let the tissue dries up in a room temperature. And after that, you are done.

But does it work? That’s the question.

Well, the yellow spots in canvas sneakers are commonly caused by dirt, sweat and bleach. It can also be caused by using harsh cleaning chemicals. Once it penetrates the canvas material, it will for sure clean your sneakers but will definitely leave yellow stains.

That’s where the tissue method comes. Basically, the “tissue method” works by putting wet tissue into the yellow stains, therefore absorbing the stains and will make your white sneakers looking as white as possible.

Actually, there are no available data and research explaining and proving the effectiveness of tissue method. But based from people who tried it, it did work. Tissue method does help in removing yellow stains in your white sneakers.

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Although, contrary to what is being advertised as a hack that can turn your white sneakers looking like brand-new, the sneakers after tissue method were nowhere near the “sparkly clean” as the headline promised. But the hack seems useful enough.

One thing to keep in mind though, that you might have to re-do the tissue method multiple times, depending on the severity of yellow stains in your white sneakers.

Got some dirty white sneakers that have yellow stains all-around? Won’t hurt to try the “tissue method” and see for yourself the result if it will work or not.

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