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Come Along With Adventure Time’s Timeless Songs!

Come Along With Adventure Time’s Timeless Songs!

Adventure Time and its timeless songs will always be engraved in our hearts.

Although Finn, Jake and the whole gang have said their goodbye last 2018, their legacy lives. They will be one of the great TV shows I grew up to love.

Adventure Time

Though they’re not really considered as a musically inclined show, they sure gave us good songs to jam with. It has made the show more enjoyable. The songs gave the characters more ways to tell their story, personality and feelings.

So, to commemorate their good songs, here are some that made me emotional, dance and everything at once. (don’t ask me how)

1. Monster

This is a really heart – warming song where Marceline sang to Princess Bubblegum. In the scene, they thought that it was the end for both of them. So, Marceline decided to confess to Princess Bubblegum about her feelings. It ended with a kiss. *Sana all intensifies*

And I grew tough ‘cause love it only hurt me back
But loving you is a good problem to have
And I’m used to that but I could get used to this”
– Marceline

2. I’m just your problem

The song just described what Marceline’s personality is like. Yep! Very dark, chic and angsty. Though, in the middle, the song got directed to Princess Bubblegum apologizing and claiming that she’s just the “princess’ problem”. Ouch!

“Sorry I’m not made of sugar
Am I not sweet enough for you?
Is that why you always avoid me?
I must be such an inconvenience to you
Well, I’m just your problem”
– Marceline

3. I Remember you

The emotional duet of Marceline and Ice King. This just explained how Ice King loses himself because of the crown, resulting for him to forget how she cares for Marceline as before.

“Marceline, I can feel myself slipping away
I can’t remember what it made me say
But I remember I saw you frown
I swear it wasn’t me, it was the crown.”
Ice King

4. Bacon Pancakes

I mean, who doesn’t like bacon and pancakes? Cooking bacon and pancakes really just makes you feel giddy. Yes, Jake. We can all relate being excited when it comes to good food.

Bacon, Pancakes
Bacon Bacon, Pancakes

5. Slow Dance With You

Marceline, despite her dark exterior, is just a softie romantic. Here’s her performing a song that depicts about an invitation to have a slow dance. (with special cheers from her father Hunson Abadeer)

“I’ve got the moves I’d like to prove
I want to slow dance with you”

6. Everything Stays

This felt like a lullaby that Marceline’s mother sang to her and later sings for herself. “Something weird may be something familiar when viewed in a different angle”

“Everything stays right where you left it
Everything stays but it still changes
Ever so slightly
Daily and nightly
In little ways
Everything stays

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7. Lemonhope’s Song

An emotional song talking about Lemonhope’s return after his freedom. Princess Bubblegum was the one who sang it talking about how Lemonhope is now safe and back home. ~Umiyak so much~

“Safe Lemonhope, no more will you roam,
Once you were lost and now you’re back home.”
– Princess Bubblegum

8. Puncha yo buns

Who doesn’t love Baby Finn singing his own tunes?! Fluffy Finn dancing to wanting to kick some witches “For fun”

“I can puncha yo buns!
Puncha you buns!
I can puncha yo buns!
If you’re an evil witch
I will punch you for fun!
– Finn

9. Island Song (Come along with me)

Of course, THE ICONIC INTRO! This song just makes you feel so relaxed when you get to hear it. It’s melody just gives you that calm vibe with all the butterflies flying around you.

“Come along with me
And the butterflies and bees
We can wander through the forest
And do so as we please”

The show was a huge rollercoaster featuring the adventures of Finn, Jake and the whole gang. They’ve met various characters from which showed the development of each one and its importance. It really felt nice growing up with them.

It’s not that old but these just gives so much nostalgic vibes every time I hear them.

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