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Richard Gutierrez, Sarah Lahbati, and kids camp out with nature

Richard Gutierrez, Sarah Lahbati, and kids camp out with nature

The Lahbati-Gutierrez family out with nature.

It seems that the Lahbati-Guttierez family has a knack for travel and adventure. Last November 6 and 7, both Richard Gutierrez and Sarah Lahbati took to Instagram and shared photos of their weekend getaway.

What better way to bond with your loved ones than to relish Mother Nature’s beauty and to camp out away from home?

“Breath. See, listen, feel what’s around.”

Sarah’s first dedicated post of their campout (which was also posted by Richard) was a video.

Here, we see the family preparing for their stay. Richard is seen fixing up a tent and the other three — Sarah, Zion, and Kai — scouting the area.

We can definitely see how calming the place is!

“Nature never goes out of style.”

One of the perks of camping out in the woods is that you get to wake up with nature. Can you just imagine how peaceful and fulfilling the act is? No one is not a morning person when camping out.

Memories like these will undoubtedly be hard to forget!

“Steady like a Sunday morning…”

Richard graced us with more photos of their adventure the next morning.

Aside from the four, they also have with them a relative David Guttierez. The more the merrier, it seems!

Nothing screams louder than the hues of green and brown than in an adventure!

A family of adventurers!

This was not the first time that the family spent time out and about.

In an Instagram post last October 16, Sarah admitted that she always has been “sort of an adventurer,” and despite only wishing for a simple birthday celebration, Richard planned their first family off-roading and off-the-road trip in Bulod for her.

According to Sarah, “these memories will stay with me.”

And it will stay with us as well. What better way to combine a loving family and picturesque view but in a great adventure in the wilderness?

What are your favorite photos from their weekend getaway? Let us know!

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