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Call the Barkada, we’re serving Tara Cocktails!

Call the Barkada, we’re serving Tara Cocktails!

Do you ever just want to dance to a playlist of good old OPM songs while enjoying an iced cold cocktail? Because, same!
As we bid goodbye to the ever so fast month of August and welcome the long weekend ahead, this just calls for a quarantine e-numan session with the Barkada! Even though we are struck by a pandemic, there are a lot of reasons to celebrate! Just getting by and staying alive, are two of them.
The whole concept of Tara! Cocktails is inspired by Filipino culture. The owners came up with the idea during their own online drinking get-together as they all shared the same passion.
“We came up with the name as this is what you would often hear before the usual inuman; “Tara inom tayo!” “Tara sagot ko!” “Tara naaa.” For us, the word “Tara” encapsulated what Filipino ​inumans​ meant; the shared experiences, celebrations, endless asaran, out of tune karaoke singers, and spilled pulutans. Chances are, every bit of these all started with a simple “Tara!””
And we related, of course. Alcohol is best shared with your friends at your own favorite spots, be it Cubao Expo or Poblacion. However, as quarantine allowed or should we say, not allowed, we are stuck at home and have to make do with the situation.

Hence, virtual inumans. Tara!

“For us, our cocktails have helped us remember all the good times and experiences we had before everything happened! Our own little way of keeping the celebration ongoing, if you could say.”
Tara! handcrafted cocktails are all made to order daily. Their set of bartenders only do their magic when an order comes through.
“A common comment we get from our patrons is that our mixes are strong but the good kind! They usually find our cocktails the ​swabe ​type of strong and at the same time ​sulit,​ that even non-drinkers can’t get enough of them!”

Five exciting cocktails

Familiarizing themselves with each Filipino’s preference for drinks, Tara! managed to bring to life five cocktails that vary in taste yet are equally delicious and satisfying: Mamita, Manila Sound, Barako, Piñata, and my personal favorite, the Tukso.
Each comes in an eye-candy bottle and is only P275! Best believe you have got to get your hands on all of them!
“Through the brand, we want to bring those experiences closer to home, and make everyone feel these fun experiences will always be there. We believe that despite everything we find ourselves in these days, it wouldn’t hurt to find a reason, big or small, to celebrate every barkada, every family, every Filipino.”
I’ll let you in on a little secret: we’ve finished 3/5 already and it’s just Saturday!
And oh! They’ve curated a playlist for us all too.
Tara! Cocktails has its own Spotify playlist called “Tara! Hits”. The playlist is composed of those classic Filipino songs you would see on the karaoke. We encourage all our customers to keep this playlist on while drinking our mixes to complete the Tara! Experience. At the same time, customers can also suggest and recommend songs they want to add to the mix.
This will have you swaying around your own rooms in a snap!
“We wanted to introduce the ​Manila Sound musical genre​, the forerunner of modern OPM. All these ​laid-back, loose, and multi-layered ​songs will put you in the groove in no time!”
Do check Tara! Cocktails on Instagram and to pour yourself a glass or two – or in our case, five! Bottoms up for the weekend!
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