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OPINION: Black Clover is a must-watch anime, and here’s why:

OPINION: Black Clover is a must-watch anime, and here’s why:

Black Clover is an anime series that ran for almost four years. Originally, a manga by Yuki Tabata for ShonenJump, it received an anime adaptation from Studio Pierrot that debuted in 2017. Asta’s goal to become the Wizard King is upon him to earn him the strongest title of a magic knight in all of Clover Kingdom. With most children showing signs of magical abilities when they are young, Asta did not show any. With his goal of becoming the best mage in the history of the kingdom, he trained his body and mind to try and awaken his powers.

OPINION: Black Clover is a must-watch anime, and here’s why:

Magic Knight

At fifteen years old, Asta along with his friend Yuno gets the chance to earn their own grimoire. Yuno received a four-leafed clover grimoire which represented good things, while Asta received nothing. Out of a sudden, a five-leafed clover grimoire appeared and chose Asta as its possessor. They then ventured out to a Magic Knight recruitment so that they can get one step closer to their dream of becoming the Wizard King of the Clover Kingdom. Both Asta and his friend get recruited into their own squads. Asta joins the Black Bulls and Yuno joins the Golden Dawn. They are one step ahead to start their journey to become the best.

Shounen Anime

Okay, a lot of you may think that this show is just a copy of Fairy Tail mixed in with Naruto. Well yeah, they do have their similarities but the strongest point of Black Clover as a shounen anime is the action. You may ask yourself, why action? almost all shounen animes incorporate action into them. The one thing that makes Black Clover stand out in action above the rest is that it always happens. There is no room for rest in both the manga or the anime.

You get to see fight scenes in around every episode. This makes the story more enticing to viewers as they get to watch Asta’s journey. From being the laughing stock to overcome his limits, Asta embodies the huge amount of growth people like to see in an anime.


I get you. The early few episodes of the show are pretty annoying and slow. This may be one of the reasons why people immediately quit watching the show. The voice of Asta hurts the eardrums so much, but the voicing and pace of the story get better as it progresses.

In all honesty, I actually do not get the hate in Black Clover by different shounen fans. I do think that how common the show and its plot are, and making it overwhelmingly better, is a great way to do it. If the formula is working, then it provides great entertainment, which it does.

Black Clover is a great underdog anime. It is just like the main character that started from the ground up being the laughingstock in the story, Black Clover started as the hated anime in shounen but soon grew to become one of the favorites of many.

Production and Music

Studio Pierrot is known for making long-running anime that releases weekly because of their history of producing Naruto, Bleach, etc. until their end. Today, most of the anime series released have great animation, granted they are released per season and in limited episode quantities. The downside of the weekly releases is that they can affect the quality of the series.

See Also

Music is another thing where Black Clover stands out. The anime has 13 openings and 14 endings, and all of them are bangers. Furthermore, the music is of the rock genre. They are catchy, lyrically rich, and fun to listen to. This may be one of the reasons why people like the show. There is no room for rest in their music. What they lack in production in some episodes, they make up for with their music.

Mega Arc 1

The anime finished the first mega arc of the story covering the Clover Kingdom. To add, they also started the early phase of the 2nd Mega Arc covering the Spade Kingdom. It may take a long time before Studio Pierrot will start the production for the rest of Mega Arc 2 but it will be an exciting and action-packed one given the history of Black Clover. Although, as a manga reader as well, I may know the plot, this review covers only the anime to avoid further spoilers.

Overall, Black Clover is a great shounen show to watch. You may have a hard time getting the hang of it at first, but you should give it a chance. The plot twists and the action are surely there to entice you in the long run. They have lovable characters with great character development, a wide world build, and amazing music.

Black Clover is no longer a guilty pleasure like many make it out to be, it is a great show to watch and it is easily a recommendable show for many.

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