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Bill Gates proclaims that ‘The Age of AI Has Begun’

Bill Gates proclaims that ‘The Age of AI Has Begun’

Tech genius who founded Microsoft Bill Gates on March 21, 2021, recently released a seven-page online paper titled The Age of AI Has Begun.

Bill said, “It will change the way people work, learn, travel, get health care, and communicate with each other. Entire industries will reorient around it.” He also laid down the positive and negative of artificial intelligence saying that it could reduce inequity or make it even worse. 

The billionaire said humans are still better than ChatGPT in many aspects. Nevertheless, he claimed that it would become akin to a white-collar worker as it becomes more affordable. He noted the latest integration of ChatGPT into Microsoft Office, writing emails and managing inboxes automatically.

In the near future, we would not be interacting with computers with a mouse and keyboard. Instead, we could submit requests in plain English to get an output from machines.

The philanthropist noted that advances in AI would enable the creation of personalized agents. Comparing it to a virtual assistant, it would have the ability check your emails and appointments and report the most important ones.

In addition, you may ask it to stand by and listen to meetings or provide suggestions during discussions. Correspondingly, artificial intelligence can boost global productivity.

The Microsoft founder explained, “When productivity goes up, society benefits because people are freed up to do other things, at work and at home.”

Bill reassured everyone the demand for people who help other people would remain. Rather, the rise of AI will enable people to perform feats that software cannot—think of teaching and caring for patients.

Talking about more important advancements, Bill Gates said AI could reduce inequity worldwide if properly implemented. Governments and non-governmental organizations should introduce the appropriate policies and allocate funds to the most crucial causes.

The tech genius focused on two industries that would benefit the most from AI: healthcare and education. 

Of course, medical professionals may delegate time-consuming tasks like dealing with paperwork to artificial intelligence. Subsequently, they can focus on more important matters.

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It may also help them diagnose patients in seconds. Just like how the British Journal of Opthalmology released a study about an AI that checks heart risks by analyzing a patient’s eyes.

He claimed AI could provide basic health tips, such as how to perform first aid or basic triage on the fly. Furthermore, Bill claimed it would significantly facilitate scientific research.

Bill aloso highlighted how AI could learn a student’s interests and learning style to create engaging educational content. It will have the ability to measure your understanding, analyze your preferred type of motivation, and offer immediate feedback.

Nonetheless, he emphasized that artificial intelligence will enhance, not replace, the work students and teachers do in classrooms.

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