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Three Ways to Play Bingo in the Philippines

Three Ways to Play Bingo in the Philippines

The Philippines is a modern country with many hi-tech ways in which its citizens can entertain themselves. Yet one pastime of old that remains popular is a game of bingo. Played everywhere from internet browsers to local halls, it is a relaxing way to entertain yourself, and a common method of fundraising used across the country. Yet today, there are more ways than ever in which you can partake in the activity. Below, we give three ways you can play bingo in the Philippines. 

In a Hall

Bingo was brought to the country by travelers and Christian missionaries from Europe. This is the home of the game, where you can find lots of large bingo clubs and halls. They provide a wide range of games, with large jackpots. Many of them even host events other than bingo, putting on party nights, and discos. Most towns or areas, particularly in the UK, will tend to have one venue close by. 

In the Philippines, there are still halls you can visit but not on the scale of ones in the UK and the US. These are often smaller affairs, more intimate, and with lower jackpots. As a country full of small islands, it may also be hard to travel to some of them. 

Another option is to try large resorts. While some of these may only cater to guests, certain hotels have their own bingo nights and casinos available. If you are close to one of them, then this is a great way to unwind. 


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Online bingo has been around for a few years now, but it has recently become much more interactive and enjoyable. The rise of smartphones has meant the quality of games has been able to improve, both in terms of graphics and mechanics. As more people in the country get connected to the internet and 5G networks, it makes it more convenient for many people than having to travel to a hall. 

When you sign up for online bingo, many of the companies will also provide an attractive bonus. This means you can play a few games without even spending your bankroll for a short time. Do your research and see which offers the best welcome package, along with the largest selection of games. If you like to play quicker games or higher jackpots, make sure it has them available. 

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Organizing Your Own Game

You can also organize and host your own games of bingo. All you need is the machine to pick numbers and the cards. If you play with family and friends for fun, then there is no law against it. 

However, if you use money and prizes you may need to get a permit from the local jurisdiction. Contact them to find out what is required and make sure you comply fully. You will find that many churches and religious organizations hold their events in this manner, usually for smaller amounts, which can fund their operations. 

You don’t have to stick to one method either. Bingo can serve several purposes, allowing you to go out and have fun or spend time at home. Choose your game and enjoy this time-honored tradition. 

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